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- Souldoll Zenith Girl Madalyn -

Feb 25, 2011

    1. Hi! Can't believe there isn't already this thread! :o

      I opened it cause Madalyn can't be neglected XD

      Here it's the link to Madalyn official pics.

      If I became blind suddendly and I haven't seen the already present thread, you know what to do! ;)

      And now.. let's talk about this resin beauty!
      I've seen only 2 (one in box opening) around, hope the owners just come here to show off their beauties to us!!
      Anyone else ordered her or wants to?

      I think she's one of the most interesting and particular sculpt among the female SDs.
      And this is why I need one!!

      What 'bout you?? :)
    2. I think there's been some chatter about her on the Souldoll threads...

      I definitely want her--I think she's an amazing sculpt. I think a lot of people ordered her, so hopefully more will start cropping up on DoA in a the next few months.
    3. well, she deserves a whole thread XD lol
      yes, i want her too and I'm waiting to see others.. I really would like to see some blank faces too.. cause that's how I'm running to order her.. even if the SD face up is marvellous, but I already have her character in mind and she needs a custom one *____*
    4. Can I bump the thread?
    5. anyone wants to show here her Madalyn? ^^
    6. Woo Hoo!!! Finally shippiing notice for me today! :dance
    7. Yaaaay! I'm so happy for you!!! don't forget to Spam a lot when you receive her!!!!!! ^_^
    8. I just got mine today!! Now she needs a faceup!!

      Faceup is done...sorry for the stray hairs in her face..
    9. Wow artdolls, she's so cute! I'm so thrilled with how versatile this mold is turning out to be. I coulda sworn there was another thread dedicated to Madalyn pics, but anywho, here's a pic of my girl, Zoey, a WS Madalyn (faceup and blushing done by me, more pics on my flickr):

      Zoey by aEthEr hEad, on Flickr
    10. Hey, I´m brandnew to ADO! My first two dolls that I just ordered are Madalyn from Souldoll and Larina from D.I.M.! When I see these photos above I can´t wait to receive Madaly! I´m a bit scared that this doll will arrive here savely! She was sooooo expensive. How trustful is the delivery from Souldoll?
    11. What about shoes guys. Anyone know which company will have shoes to fit this gorgeoug big girl... Val gosh everytime I see her I drool alittle more..: )
    12. I really really adore the Madalyn Zenith!! But she's so big x.X For anyone who has her, how heavy is she? She's been on my wishlist for a little while now ^^
    13. I picked up my Souldoll Madalyn from customs 1 hour ago! She ´s so lovely ... but am I wrong or is the head very small for the body?? What do you all think????
    14. :aheartbeamy girl just coming 2 days bf i did the make up for her this was my 3 times doing make up by myself:aheartbea
      new outfit
    15. [​IMG]

      Here's my Madalyn, I really must get round to freckling her body at some point ;)
    16. *___*
      I actually forgot this thread!!!
      Keep on spamming these beauties.. there are so few around..
      Love all the new addictions!!!
      Thanks for sharinG!
    17. I put Madalyn on layaway for my 20th Bday in November :) I'm so excited, I wanted Madalyn very much about half a year ago but decided she was too big for me. Now since I bringing home a Super Gem and a Proud girl body, I figured I would go for it!! ;)
    18. congrats starry city i m sure you will love her
      here is mine ( with esthy face up )


      (some more pictures there if interested )
    19. She's amazing, Lyderic!