Souldoll Zenith Girls Discussion

Nov 3, 2010

    1. I havent been able to find a general discussion thread for the Zenith girls so thought I would make one as Souldoll have made a few now, and have just released a new girl Delmia.

      Any thoughts on Delmia?
    2. I like the new dolls they are loverly :) Especially Key and Yurr- i love their open and closed eye versions/ i hope Souldoll releases them again as a whole doll or to purchase separetly after the event. Does anybody know if these event doll will be available through Denver Doll Emporium?
    3. I looked on the Denver Doll website but didn't see them there. Maybe when they're available for sale, the website may change.

      I must add that I adore these new dolls, even the guys, and I don't own any male BJDs.
    4. I hear the Zenith girls heads are quite small? Do they run near to the Souldouble girls? has anyone put on on the Souldouble girls bodys (the next size down)?
      I prefer the general Zenith girl body, I wish they would make a general body for the Souldouble girls!
    5. You might want to ask. Since there is an event attached to it.
      Last year Soul Doll had a similar Winter event and their event dolls were not sold at DDE.
    6. Delmia is absolutely stunning, I'm so so glad she's not limited!! She's perfect for the Duchess character I'm writing about for NaNoWriMo ^^
    7. First pics of just arrived Delmia (with Rosy the ball-jointed teddy).

      normal resin with custom face-up

      I'll post pics of the custom face-up event head soon.

      Sorry for the poor composition and lighting, I don't have the time right now to set up a studio for her.
    8. I'd like to see pics of the new girl--without Souldoll's face-up.
    9. Same. She has... unfortunate eyebrows, in my opinion. I have a feeling we will have a long wait for those pics, though, since they were just released today.
    10. Those eyebrows are strange aren't they. I want to just rub of a layer of make-up and see what happens. I think she could be really lovely tho.
    11. I really like her face sculpt from what I can see of it. (And I love the crazy dancer outfit to bits!) It's just those eyebrows are throwing me. I like most of the dancer faceup save for the forehead pinkness, which makes her look a bit like someone very drunk outside for a walk in the winter air, unfortunately, and the faceup brow shape really cements that impression of, "Huh? Did I just bump into you? Sorry, Mr. Lamp-post... "
    12. She looks so lovely. Congrats on getting her.
    13. Fantastic! What a beautiful face sculpt!
    14. edit: I think I post in the wrong thread, please ignore my last question.

      And thanks for the photos, Delmia is a beautiful gentle girl. :)
    15. Does anyone know what clothes and shoes fit the Zenith girls? I want Delmia really bad, but I'm wondering how easy it's going to be to clothe her...
    16. Some of the outfits for the Super Gem girls work for them, and so do some of the Spirit Doll outfits. Shoes---some of the Dollmore model girl will fit, but your best be is order shoes from SD when you get her.
    17. I just got my Zenith body the other week, measured her up and compared her to the other doll measurements I have. She's the same in bust/waist/hips as SD16, so they're going to be your best bet. Super Gem and Model doll clothes do fit her, but they're slightly larger in the back. I'd go for stretchy items of theirs because they'll cling better, or flowy designs that you don't mind hang a bit loose. I'm planning on making all my girl's clothes so I can't help you much more than having tried what I've got around the house.

      Shoe wise the heeled feet fit into a lot more than the flat feet. The flat feet I've fit into SD boys shoes so far - some from leeke, and Luts Senior Delf boy shoes. I haven't tried flat Model Doll girl shoes but they have the same sized feet so you should be in luck.
      The heeled feet fit Luts SDF boy heeled boots, Model Doll girl boots and EID girl boots also fit well. Hope that helped!
    18. So, if I wanted to commission an outfit for the Zenith girl size, SD16 would be the size? It's a corset outfit so I was informed the measurements have to be close to exact.
    19. What measurements do you need? I have a pretty extensive list of them, so I should have the ones you need.