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Souldoll Zii - Discussion! Suddenly discontinued!

Oct 13, 2007

    1. I... must have Zii. I just clicked on Souldoll site to see if they had more jeans and... Wow. Must have him. I wonder if he'd look good on a 70cm body...
    2. I agree. He is amazingly pretty. But in my opinion as a girl though. Just wondering, is Souldoll double jointed body normal skin suits volks pure skin heads?
    3. Ugh now there are two dolls I want from Souldoll x.x Zii is amazing!
    4. Ooh, he could be a very nice girl.... <3 No idea on the resin match, though. I haven't owned a Souldoll yet. If I wasn't so dead set on getting a girl next, he'd totally be my next dolly....

      And the more I look, the more I like Ahee. She's adorable! Looks a bit more like a kid than some of the Soulkids do.
    5. Zii!!!! :o why!! why did I have to see him! curse these beautiful boys that keep appearing! I just crossed a boy off my list last night and now this one appears.. :sweat he is very gorgeous he is perfect for one of my characters!

      His eyes!! are the best! they are such a beautiful shape.
    6. I agree. Gorgeous male dolls are popping like mad this October. Reche, Miho, Ryu, Zii... many more... XD
    7. ...

      Well, that's interesting. :lol: Where do people get these names from? *cough* He's very pretty though.
    8. Wow, I usually don't like Souldoll sculpts but hot damn Zii is drop dead sexy :D I think I might have to add him to my wishlist xD
    9. Gawd.. I really love Zii xD .. and his outfit :D!
      He reminds me of JaeJoong in group TVXQ/DBSK <3
      BTW, what is "heart sensor" >_>???
    10. Oh man, Zii is absolutely incredible! He would make the perfect asian rockstar!! :aheartbea *dies a little inside*
    11. MAN when I saw the first picture of Zii my breath just left me!
      He is AMAZING!!! And really hot XD

      I'm not sure if I should buy him, but I might just do it >_>....

    12. Okay can someone tell me why the head is made by someone else and not Soul Doll? Who is PGG? Must be the maker of the Zii head, and goodness there goes my plans yet again:doh
    13. :lol: Go for it Sabriell! Another gorgeous asian rocker for your team! :aheartbea

      Oh god, I've been staring at those wonderful lips, and they are pushing me closer and closer to that buy button.
    14. haha no I will not do it now, too much other things to buy [like a SD16 girl body for my own Minimee head >_>!]
      And I will have too many "real" Jrockers so I'm sure he'll not fit in.
    15. So true. I guess I'll just have to get him then. Muwahaha!
    16. I agree with everyone who thinks Zii is gorgeous. I may have to have him. To keep my Hye, Osu, and Miribyeol company :sweat Really diggin' all these double-jointed dolls. Souldoll owns me. Or at least a substantial portion of my bank account.

      However, Ahee comes first, since I've been waiting for her standard version since the day that the Guardian of Blue Lake WS version popped up on the site. Which I check daily, because they tie with Volks for the position of my favorite company :aheartbea

      Soo-hyun an Zii may have to duke it out between them to figure out which one comes home with me first, though. Probably Zii, as Soo-Hyun looks a lot like a sultry version of Osu, whom I already have. Regardless, it becomes increasingly obvious that I can't keep my paws off of the Souldoll Doubles.

      So much love for Souldoll :D
    17. Ahee doesn't really appeal to me, but Zii is amazing:aheartbea Souldoll seems really creative recently, releasing so many gorgeous dolls one after another
    18. That&#180;s it. The rock. The hard place.
      I&#180;m torn between Soo-Hyung and Zii.
    19. =_= Okay I know I just said I didn't want to buy him...but argghhh Zii is just so gorgeous!! And his smoldering look just makes me go GASP!
      I might just buy him...does anyone know what his body looks like? Does he have the same type body as the other Double jointed boys? Because SoulDoll says his neck is thicker than the others.