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Souldolls at GuyzandDollz - New York

Oct 22, 2005

    1. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I just got an e-mail from Tommy saying that Guyz and Dollz in New York is now carrying Soul Doll. Tommy and Anthony, who run Guyz and Dollz, are great guys and I highly recommend them!

      Guyz and Dollz site: http://www.guyzanddollz.com/ <-- website no longer works T____T - Wonder if they closed down?

      Just click on "Soul Dolls" on the side menu.

      Great chance for anyone wanting a Soul Doll! :D

      edit: No dolls to see in the store, yet, though... just taking orders so far. Hopefully, they'll have some in stock in the future!
    2. oh wow I wish this was in NYC, I could go! that would be so cool!
    3. YES! :D Us New Yorkers have a dollfie store of our own now! Of course, this looks like New York -State-, but eh... I'm happy anyway!
    4. It's on Long island which is closer than you think to nyc. I'm sure if you emailed thye could tell you the nearest lirr stop.

      *secretly cheers becuase she just moved near there XD*
    5. yeah if someone could find out that info that would be so wonderful! I would definately take a drive out there~!!

      :runs to pester sister for a ride!!!:

      WEST HEMPSTEAD, NY 11552

      PHONE/FAX: 516-292-0899

      Heh... mom and dad kiss the car goodbye next weekend, I've got places to go... :wink:
    7. Hi all! Before everybody starts running out to Guyz and Dollz to see Soul Dolls... I talked to Tommy and they don't have any in stock, yet (like actually in the store) - they just officially became authorized dealers like a few days ago, so it might be just a little bit, yet :oops:. That is to say, that while you can order them through Guyz and Dollz, they don't have any in the store for anyone to see, yet. Of course, that said, Tommy and Anthony are wonderful people and if you want to go check out their store then that would be great! :grin: