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SoulDolls? Reviews, opinions?

Jan 20, 2006

    1. I've never heard much about Soul Dolls and am considering ordering one. I wanted to know who, here, had one and what their experience with them was. Are they compatible with Volks & Luts parts? Do they last long? What are they made out of? WHERE can I find the link to the official site? I've found doll stores and ebay sellers that offer them, but not the actual site. Does it exist?
    2. I met a Souldoll at OhayoCon... Wolfie's Adrienne (a Souldoll Clara; she's so pretty!). At the time, I was in the process of paying off a Clara myself.

      Souldolls are absolutely lovely dolls. Do you have any particular ones in mind yet? I personally like the look of Paris and Lune aside from Clara, and Katie is really cute too. ^^
    3. I own a souldoll Clara and I think it's a nice company. I love my doll, and thier customer srvice was very nice. A pice of my UFK was missing and they sent it right out to me the next day after I informed them of it.

      The only other thing Ive read form others posts is the fact that the heads are smaller than other companies and the feet are larger (I cannot compare either of these as she is my only 60cm doll rightnow). Her posing is a little wonky at times but I did finish and string her myself so this is most likely my own fault. Other things I've heard is that the ears are too big, again I have nothing to compare that to.
      Oher than that I think her body sculpt is nice, and I love the facesculpt also.
    4. I want to order Paris and Lune, but I wanted to be able to sand Lune's cheeks a bit, and didn't want to order something that I couldn't edit. Thanks for pointing out the search feature. I had no idea I could search forums.

      Sorry if I've upset anyone by starting this thread.
    5. Have you had any problems finding shoes for your doll?
    6. no need to apologize :) I'm currently getting my first Souldoll body (I find their SD size boy body is just a GORGEOUS sculpt) so i'm interested in people's experiences too. When looking at photos the Souldoll resin sometimes looks really shiny to me (maybe because it's coated?), does anybody have any thoughts on resin texture/shine/quality?
    7. as an owner of a souldoll myself I've found that the boy heads look a lot better onluts male bodies and that the lut's boy head looks better on the souldoll body XD then again it's a matter of taste ^_^
    8. I don't have shoes for her at the moment. I do plan on ordering some from souldoll if not another company. If I can find links on this site about other kinds of shoes Ill post some links for you.
    9. My Soulkid doesn't look very shiny to me, compared to my Angelregion doll. The resin feels rougher, but that might be because my AR doll was a limited edition and thus came sanded. She has visible seems, but they're not awfully noticeable. I have problems with getting her to stand, but that's most likely because I strung her myself and propably did a bad job.

      All in all, I'm more than happy with my Soulkid. The face is very delicate and pretty and so much nicer than you'd expect from the promo pics on the website.
    10. I currently own two Souldolls, a March Berry (no longer available) and a Lune. The current dolls do have small heads, especially Lune and Paris, and there may be some trouble getting wigs to stay on.

      Shoooes, Souldoll sells shoes that fit them perfectly. I think most SD13 size shoes will fit them, they do have big feet, except Luts shoes.

      As for the resin, the non-luminous resin they've been using can come across as shiny. It isn't as nice as the French luminous resin they'd been using, but you can modify the doll as much as you'd like!
    11. Also, forgot to say that if you have Souldoll do the faceup, they have a super talented faceup artist!
    12. Well, as Keladry pointed out, the pictures on the official website are usually not that great, but the dolls hidden behind are fantastic.
      From my own experience and the little Tiffee sitting on my bed right now, I'd say the dolls are sculpted beautifully, and the eyes are magnificient. On the other hand, wigs, shoes and clothes are a lot more limited than Luts let's say...

      But overall, I'm impressed by my little kiddo. So good luck with yours! :)
    13. When I ordered my unfinished kit they shipped within the time they said they would and everythng was safely & neatly packed. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. She did need SERIOUS sanding, but it took about an hour to remove all her seems and give her whole body a once-over.

      As for part compatability with Volks, the Souldoll girl neck is loooooong. I had to saw off about a quarter inch and reshape it to fit my Volks head (old style F-09 SD). The resin match wasn't great (Volks yellower, Souldoll pinker), but it blushed up easily to match. The only lingering trouble is sometimes a camera flash catches a difference in resin quality that the eye doesn't. Souldoll resin is more "glowy" in a flash and the Volks head opaque.
      I will say for Souldoll, once I got her joints wired, that body poses better than my Rainydoll bodies and my DoC. And she has the prettiest legs of any doll I've ever seen.
    14. I have a Souldoll Clara (Adrienne, mentioned already by ChibiJamie; she feels so loved!) and I absolutely adore her. Website official shots don't do her justice at all. I think her body sculpt is gogeous, although a friend of mine think it's the wonkiest body she's ever seen. It's all about personal taste. They are a very nice company, and ship promptly. I've only heard of a couple people having a problem with Souldoll orders, and both were fixed almost immediately.

      The resin has a wonderful texture, I think, and is almost glowy in the right light. Beautiful color, to; a nice pale pinky tone, looks great with reddish-brown makeup or blushing. Their wig choices, at leat to me, are very weird, but the dolls themselves are lovely, as are their eyes. Great eyes.

      My only beef with Souldoll, honestly, is that they don't even make, much les offer, any optional parts at all. Ever. And my poor girl has some odd hands; great size for her, prettily sculpted, but they are the most bizzare position.... Fortunately, it looks (although I havn't tried it yet) like Luts (CP) Delf Boy's hands should fit a Souldoll girl by size comparison, and the new CP resin is a great match for the new Souldoll.
    15. Souldoll Lune is my first doll and I love him to pieces ^___^ I did his face up and stringed him as he came with the Anniversary kit sale.
    16. I have a SoulKid Harang and I ADORE him.
      He poses very well, but is a little wiggly in the knees when standing. I think that's just his stringing. The body sculpt is darling.
    17. I own two Soul Kids: girl Harang and boy Tiffee.
      I got them as unfinished kits, and strung them myself. I have no problems posing them, they stand well, etc.
      Default make-up (be very clear about what kind of custom make-up you request, and better send a picture - I got the default one because I didn't explain what I wanted well enough, I think) is very nice.
      I think their bodies look more proportional than other dolls', and I personally think their legs are gorgeous :) Long necks, long limbs... very pretty.

      Nice eyes, too. I have bought two pairs of eyes since, from different manufacturers, and they don't look as nice as souldoll default acrylic ones, even the more expensive glass pair. So now I want to order more eyes from souldoll.com.

      Resin is not shiny. Um... I don't know if they would last long - I haven't had them for that long...
      Oh, and they came in a pretty boxes... Very nicely packaged.
    18. Much love for Soul Doll!!! My Lune, Spencer, was an UFK, so he has some monstrous seams. And he was a bear to string. >.< OMFG.
      Those two things aside, he's perfect. ^^ His resin isn't shiny and it's a lovely color. And he poses nicely.
    19. I have two Souldolls, a luminous-resin Paris and a BW Wizard Eckstine (see my avatar). My Paris has suffered considerable yellowing, but I did some dumb things early on; also, he is made of a resin they no longer use, and I have not heard of any other Souldoll owners having this problem.

      They both feel solid and are very well strung. The boy body is pretty ripped. Take a good look at pictures, because some folks prefer a more slender or youthful body. They stand very well, but sit a little oddly--unlike Volks bodies, they can't sit bolt upright, but lean back a little. I don't mind it a bit; your mileage may vary.

      I think the Souldoll sculpts--face and body--are just great. They paint up beautifully and you can get a wide range of looks from the same sculpt. They also do gorgeous faceups, as was mentioned earlier. I love Simon's Souldoll faceup!

      I should also report that I have had nothing but positive interactions with the company. They made a slight error with my Wizard Eckstine--his default wig didn't make it into the package--and they made it right immediately. I also received cute extras--necklaces, in one case a very handsome pair of boots--and friendly notes from Souldoll.

      Great dollies, great service, gorgeous clothes, intriguing concepts (like their "fantasy" line)--I could go on all day. :grin: