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Souldolls with new Double-jointed bodies

Apr 18, 2008

    1. Can someone describe the new double-jointed bodies - I would really like to know if they sit well without being in a lean back position. Will they sit straight up?
    2. What flex body? I cannot find the word flex searching the Souldoll site. A company named Domuya made bodies called Flexi.

      Do you mean the Soulkid double-jointed body? If so, you may want to edit your thread title to say that (edit first message, and pick advanced eidt to change title).

    3. Yeah the only thing I know Souldoll has done recently is making double jointed bodies. I have the double jointed Killian, he juts his chest out quite a bit and is a bit awkward to pose because of his height but I'm sure the smaller double jointed Soul Kids are easier to handle. One thing that's really nice about the double jointed body is how easily it falls into a kneel and pose of that nature.
    4. And just a note - MANY BJDs can not sit up straight. Some can barely sit up unassisted and some even tend to fall over backwards.

    5. Yeah that's true I have problems getting the Megi I have to sit up properly. He will do it but it takes a lot of manipulation, leaning on things at times and often times he will just fall back.
    6. Thanks to all of you. I guess some have referred to them as flex - I do mean double-jointed. The only doll I have that has a lean is Miryu. My others sit very well - they are all MSD.
    7. You are right Carolyn - I do know that some are top heavy. Thanks.
    8. I posted some pictures of the double jointed body in the picture request section. If you go to the search and search for Soulkid Apple, you should find them.

      The new body has two small "nubs" on the upper legs which allows the body to sit up straight. My Apple is perfect. She isn't kicky, sits up straight, and poses perfectly.
    9. my miribyeol and my husband's apple sit straight too ;)
    10. Thank You Gracie, I will look that up!