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Soulkid Discussion and Poll

Sep 27, 2006

  1. Tiffee

  2. Griffi

  3. Miryu

  4. Katie

  5. Snyder

  6. Sweeney

  7. Harang

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    1. Hi everybody! I think my next mini will be a Souldoll, most likely a girl. The Souldolls have beautiful and intriguing faces making it quite hard for me to choose. What I want is for you to vote on your favorite sculpt and tell me why you like that face, no matter if you own it or not. Ok, thanks! Oh I only put down the ones that seem to be availible to buy now, not the older, although very cute ones, like Chase.
    2. Hooray! More Soulkid love! Personally, of all the girls, I love the Tiffee face the most. I've got one, actually, who's getting her faceup at the moment. She's so sweet and mature, albeit a little sad looking on the site with default makeup. In person though, she's got such a great range of emotion <3

      And, on a bonus, my girl came perfectly strung. Her body is a little chunkier than a mini fee and her bust is much smaller; at first this actually bothered me a bit. But the more I played with her, the more I absolutely love it! And she poses like an absolute dream. Her legs don't actually lock, so she can literally bend right over and touch her toes. And, she can stand doing it ;)
    3. Wow that is impressive. I have to say I am slightly obsessed with Tiffee. She is haunting me. I love the face of yours in your sig. I haven't seen one with red lips like that.
    4. Haha, actually, that's the temp faceup I gave her. Her new one is so much nicer! I can't wait for her to ship back to me! I've had her for...months, but can't put her into the photostories yet because she didn't have her proper faceup.
    5. I've got a Miryu, and I think she's absolutely gorgeous!! I haven't posted photos of her yet, but I made her up like a glamourous silent film star. Her sculpt is perfect for it. Hopefully I'll be able to post pics of her tomorrow!:fangirl:
    6. I love my Tiffee girl. SHes one of my fave baby's and so so pretty and her makeup is amazing. I love souldoll.
    7. i love my miryu :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    8. I love Miryus face but I've heard that her body is more "mature" than the older girls, meaning she has bigger boobies.
    9. Sweeney is my favorite. I have one and love her. I seem to always be reaching for her, there is just something about her face that draws me in. Good luck in your decision....they are all adorable!
    10. I have two snyders, a girl and a boy and I LOVE them! They have a really strange look, almost childlike mature which is really fun to work with when it comes to face ups or eye postition. Alot of people ask me what sculpts they are because they never recognise them as snyders!
    11. Hi, Stella Maris...

      I have a Harang boy. I think that head is wonderful as a boy, not sure about a girl, though. I believe Ruby does all the faceups for the dolls, and her faceups are gorgeous.

      I now have MSDs types from Volks, CustomHouse, AngelRegion, SoulDoll and DOD. AR and DOD pose the best. All of the dolls have nice resin, but lets face it Volks has super resin.

      I find my SoulDoll to be a bit kicky, which isn't a problem with the other MSDs I have.....maybe he's strung a bit tight, though. I find the sculpture of the Souldoll body to be very nice, and I love the little hands....they're chunky like the Volks. I feel little Harang fits in well with the Volks dolls. I also find that the SoulDoll and the DOD small dolls have more personality right outta the box, as it were.

      Good luck picking a doll.... :D
    12. I absolutely love Tiffee she has such an expressive face to me and my second fave is Miryu. Good luck with your decision!
    13. I'm enslaved by Tiffee. I got him from that UFK-event, only because he was quite inexpensive.
      But after receiving him, I didn't liked him much. He's very hard to get pose without shoes. No matter how tigh or loose he is, making him pose is still very hard. And I've to say, that I really hated his ears and nose. Ears were like Dumbo's and nose looked odd. Eye's were different size too and his tummy was quite odd too.
      That doesn't mean that I hate him. I still own my little one and I've to say that, I've really bonded with him. I just can't even think about selling him. I've to thank that person who invented abrasive paper.

      If Tiffee is the one who you want, just go for it. You won't be disapointed.

      And I'm sorry If no-one understands my English today. I feel myself like a braindead.
    14. Its ok hoothoot my English isn't so great, and it's my native tongue! You know the things that I find so endearing about Tiffee are the ears that stick out and the strange little nose. It's also what I like about Sweeney, the "human-ness" of the features, that they are a little imperfect and not so "doll-ish". Not that I don't like doll-ish. I just tend to go for the slightly off sometimes.
    15. I adore Dawn, my little Tiffee. She has such an expressive, unique face. I love how she always looks as if she knows something you don't.

      Meh. Unfortunately, she had a little accident today -- a single drop of water splashed on her face, and to my shock, it utterly ruined her faceup. I think Souldoll must've forgotten to seal it.
    16. Alice, my only doll thus far, is a SoulKid Tiffee girl and I absolutely love her! I love how expressive her face is, and she looks so sweet. She is actually a wee bit curvier than I was expecting from pictures I've seen, and she reminds me so much lof a gelfling when she has her pale blonde wig on it's adorable!

      I got her second-hand off of DoA and the person I bought her off of sanded the bottom of the eye a little bit to open it up a tiny bit and I think it's a big improvement, that's the only issue I had with the sculpt was the slightly squinty looking bottom eyelid. Now I'm waiting for my order of MSC so I can make her faceup. ^_^

      I really like the balance SoulDoll seems to have between faces that look more realistic human while still looking not quite human, I find it interesting.
    17. She's gorgeous. Sigh.
    18. :aheartbea Ok, so, serious lack of love for Snyder! I have a Snyder girl and I love her to pieces. She has so much personality! She was my first doll and one of my first loves. She is by far my favorite girl Soulkid mold. Harang, on the other hand, is my favorite boy Soulkid mold. :D I love Harang boys beyond all reason. But I digress. Please enjoy a couple of my favorite shots and join me in Snyder love!

    19. I love that lower lip!