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Soulkid Mayu versions 1 & 2 released

May 16, 2008

    1. i like 1st version more, she's fairy sweet! though i'd say her ''a bit of an unoa'' is quite much..;))
    2. The first version would be my first choice. But I love the Apple sculpt so much she is like my little daughter and was my first choice.
    3. The first version is gorgeous *___* And I agree, I think she has something Unoa-like to her. Those pupil-less eyes are really pretty too.
    4. Im consfused about this 'new body' which isnt the double jointed one but is on their 'bling' dolls and apparantly Mayu. It looks like the old body but 'better', slimmer, improved (but in what way?). Im wondering if anyone has one of these bodies yet as Im interested in the difference. I have an older body and a double jointed one, they dont match resin wise, the double one is amazing though.
    5. Yeah, I just realized Mayu doesn't have the double jointed body, which is a shame as I've been dying to get a hold of one (I've got Yewon with the old-but-mature body). I think you can technically order Yewon and Miryu with the double jointed body, so I wonder if it's possible for Mayu as well...
    6. has someone asked Souldoll if Miryu is available with the double jointed body? I dont understand why she shouldnt be allowed :) ! Plus if you can have the doble jointed body with this new Soulkid. The double jointed body is amazing, but Im interested in this new new new version body!
    7. I like version one better too, but I'm thinking a big part of it is just because I really prefer the wig/background, etc. What's different? 1's mouth is a bit open...

      I wish we could see them in different wigs and eyes! I have an Ahee with the new double-jointed body and I really like it, so I'm a bit confused as to why they've changed
    8. I can't believe how much she looks like a Unoa! She is gorgeous, I'd like to know about the body too, I want a better one for my Miryu!
    9. She is cute, but I am so disappointed to see that she doesn't come with the double jointed body. I really wanted one of the bling dolls, but not if the new body is like the old.

      honestrabbit, I'd also love to know why they changed and what the advantages of this new body are. I adore the double jointed body on my Apple and I can't see why they would change. Must be a good reason.
    10. It is such a mystery... There is nothing wrong with the double jointed that I can see, but I will say this...Miryus head does not fit on the double jointed body, unless you take out the new 'switch' inside and put a bar in. Plus, I found weirdsparkles older Miryu to have a darker resin than the new double jointed body, they dont match, so maybe thats why they dont offer Miryu on any of the new bodies? No idea...
      Maybe because of this they 'remade' the old body?
      :doh I would really love to find out by getting Mayu, I love her!
    11. Wow Unoa was what I thought immediately before I read your post! It's true!
      She's very beautiful.
    12. I've asked souldoll about the two bodies so we'll see what they say!
    13. :fangirl:I really like her and I love those blue pupil less eyes, she does look like Unoa Lusis, and her body is awesome. I guess they wanted to make some improvements on the general body and so they came up with the Bling type which is very cute. I hope to get her..
    14. I don't know if they've updated their site from earlier today (am just now seeing these dolls for the first time), but there's a "Body choice" pull-down menu that gives you the option of "general body-new" or "double-jointed body".
    15. Awesome! Thanks k-artist. I am glad to see there is an option now. I just love Souldoll:aheartbea
    16. fantastic!! thanks for the info, thats brilliant news :D
    17. oh yes, and you can now get miryu with the double jointed body, i'm in heaven!!:)
    18. Ooh, yes, the nose definitely reminds me of an Unoa, and the parted lips. XD She's cute, although not for me. I can't wait to see ver. 1 with regular eyes. What's the difference between the two anyway? Fullset stuff/makeup?

      Edit: I love the new body on her! Smaller boobs. X3
    19. Think its the make up, it really makes a difference doesnt it on this doll? I prefer and will get the version 1 :)