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Soulmate Ren

Mar 31, 2005

    1. They say this is a new doll but it hasn't showed up on the international webpage or anything. He is a boy doll with new crystal rose white skin, and 16 mm acrylic eyes.
      The sale dates were the first to the fifteenth of March only but I assume he'll be on the international site sometime or another...


    2. Soulmate Ren is the white/open-eyes version of Present Ren (Smile).

      Unlike Soulmate Dana, he was sold separately from the Present version... and according to the English/International site Q&A board:
      :/ I hope that Angel Region is going to do exclusives for the International site as well.

    3. *grumbles about the injustice of it all* I really should stop looking at the Korean/Japanese sites for these companies. It gets to be very aggrevating at times.
    4. ne, don't be sad, they will also make special dolls only for international site.
      one day... I hope ^^;;;
    5. These little AR boys need to stop tempting me so much :/

    6. Amen to that.
      Although I must say I like Present Ren "Smile" a bit better. Mainly because he has a totally pissy/pouty look to him!

      I bet someone will be selling him though...