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Soundplay October Pre-Order has started from 15-31 October.

Oct 17, 2011

    1. Soundplay October Pre-Order has started from 15-31 October.
      Check out http://www.dollwhy.com


      List of products available for pre-order in October 2011.
      You can check Soundplay pre-order items under category "Soundplay" → "Pre-Order".
      Pre-order period during 15-31 October.

      Headphone for SD
      - Soundplay Hardy Headphone
      - Soundplay Candy Headphone [5 colors]
      - Soundplay Cherry Headphone
      - Soundplay Classic Gold Headphone
      - Swan Song Headphone
      - Soundplay Jazzy Headphone with MacBook Air [2 colors] [NEW] [LIMITED]

      Headphone for MSD
      - Soundplay Candy Headphone [5 colors]
      - Little Swan Song Headphone

      Headphone for YoSD
      - Soundplay Basic Type Headphone [4 colors]

      New Product
      Soundplay proudly presents Jazzy headphone with Macbook air. Available in 2 colors, white and silver.
      The headphone can be connected to Macbook device.


      New Arrival 17/10/2011

      Mohair wigs in various colors and Macbook.