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Sources for clear vinyl "Cinderella" shoes?

Oct 18, 2006

    1. I think they are Obitsu 60cm...?
    2. Hi Quiet Queen,

      Yes, I think they are, but I don't know where I can get them from. :( I checked JunkySpot, but they only carry the red ones. :/
    3. Does anyone know if CP girls can wear them..? Or if they're like the black and white DD shoes that you can heat up and stretch/adjust to fit..?
    4. You could ask Emory at Junkyspot if he could special order them for you or something.
    5. I visited Parabox' site on another errand today, and checked the shoe section - no clear shoes whatsoever. Maybe Obitsu stopped making them...?
    6. Wow- that was fast! The auction is over already. :(

      Thanks for the heads up anyway! :-)

      I see that several people bought multiple pairs from her- maybe a pair will pop up for sale at a decent price. ^^;;

    7. bump interested in these also, does anyone have a link to the seller on YJ?
    8. I'd like these for my girls too, but haven't been able to find them. I asked Ospirit, since I still see her dolls wearing the 'glass slippers'. Unfortunately, she replied that she thought the shoes were limited and that her seller no longer has them. :( Anyone have better luck?
    9. I have been trying to look for those for my girls too but have no luck. Anybody can help us all?
    10. I was really lucky to have seen them in the Marketplace one day and got to buy them. Very cool looking shoes. I'm not sure were to find them besides the 2nd hand market.
      Here's a Picture of my CP Girl wearing them.

      Cinderella Shoe
    11. I haven't seen them on Y!J for a while...
    12. Thanks, everybody, for looking. Crescent_P, the 'glass slippers' look great on your girl! I contacted some eBay sellers. releaserain responded that they may make shoes like these available in the future. She sells clear Mary Jane type shoes now.
    13. anyone have links to them on ebay? i can't seem to find any. I really want a pair for my girl. :)
    14. I think if a shoe is going to be see-through, the dolls foot should go all the way in instead of the toe barely reaching the halfway point of the shoe. They might fit a girl with high heel feet a lot better, like an SD16 girl but that picture isn't really a selling point. :sweat
    15. Toe Cleavage....*shudder*
    16. I agree. It looks like a little girl trying on a women's shoeXD While that is really adorable, I don't think it works so well in this case^^;
    17. I've seen the releaserain ones, their just too far from what I want sadly. :(