Souris Etoile Discussion

Jan 19, 2020

    1. Although Souris Etoile has been making BJD heads since 2017, I was surprised to find no discussion thread for them here on DoA. I follow the maker on Insta.

      As of now the large scale heads they have made are:

      Ire Melancholy
      Chei Melancholy

      Does anyone else own a Souris head? Any thoughts or opinions from owners or admirers?
      Anyone else order the Astor head from the preorder that just happened?
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    2. I got my Ire head 2017, his facial features are gorgeous. However, the head back cap was not nicely done, I don't know how to explain so I will include the photos.

      I have not bought any new heads from them yet, so I wonder if the head back cap is improved or not...

      Update Feb 5: I emailed Souris Etoile about other release sculpts, I also asked them about this issue of Ire/Ire:Melancolie. Souris Etoile confirmed there is no such issue in their new sculpts, since Ire/Ire: Melancolie was their very first sculpts so this issue just happened.
      But, they improve!

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    3. Also, his resin matches with RS normal Luts 2019 and beige powder "normal" Switch about 95-98%.

      Comparing between Luts and Switch, normal skin from Luts would be a bit more pale than Switch. Switch is more pinker.
      Souris Etoile is pinker than Switch, so the resin scale will be considered like this:

      Luts < Switch < Souris Etoile ( pink to pinkest)

      Overall, the resin from those 3 companies match well.

      About the neck joint, since SE-Ire neck circumstance is smaller than Luts/Switch neck, so head posability is limited.
      Inside the head, there are 2 marks for S hook, I think these 2 marks help posability a little bit, but not much...

      Good proportion when hybridizing with Luts SDF65 body, and may be with Switch 65 body too