Souris Etoile Discussion

Jan 19, 2020

    1. Although Souris Etoile has been making BJD heads since 2017, I was surprised to find no discussion thread for them here on DoA. I follow the maker on Insta.

      As of now the large scale heads they have made are:

      Ire Melancholy
      Chei Melancholy
      Adele Melancholy

      Does anyone else own a Souris head? Any thoughts or opinions from owners or admirers?
      Anyone else order the Astor head from the preorder that just happened?
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    2. I got my Ire head 2017, his facial features are gorgeous. However, the head back cap was not nicely done, I don't know how to explain so I will include the photos.

      I have not bought any new heads from them yet, so I wonder if the head back cap is improved or not...

      Update Feb 5: I emailed Souris Etoile about other release sculpts, I also asked them about this issue of Ire/Ire:Melancolie. Souris Etoile confirmed there is no such issue in their new sculpts, since Ire/Ire: Melancolie was their very first sculpts so this issue just happened.
      But, they improve!



    3. Also, his resin matches with RS normal Luts 2019 and beige powder "normal" Switch about 95-98%.

      Comparing between Luts and Switch, normal skin from Luts would be a bit more pale than Switch. Switch is more pinker.
      Souris Etoile is pinker than Switch, so the resin scale will be considered like this:

      Luts < Switch < Souris Etoile ( pink to pinkest)

      Overall, the resin from those 3 companies match well.

      About the neck joint, since SE-Ire neck circumstance is smaller than Luts/Switch neck, so head posability is limited.
      Inside the head, there are 2 marks for S hook, I think these 2 marks help posability a little bit, but not much...

      Good proportion when hybridizing with Luts SDF65 body, and may be with Switch 65 body too
    4. Thank you for creating this thread! I have bought my first 2 Souris Etoile heads just yesterday! They are Adele and Aster! I have been looking for Adele for 5 months :sweat

      Btw you forgot to include Adele and Adele mélancolie on the list! Adele was made and sold before Aster. He's my favorite from Souris Etoile ^^
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    5. Wow, I just discovered this brand. Super gorgeous heads.
    6. I want Adele but I guess he was limited :atremblin
    7. One of my favorite instagram has a bunch of their heads. I fell in love with Astor but they're all sold out right now:atremblin
    8. Does anyone know what Souris Etoile's release schedule is and if they re-release sculpts? I'm in love with Ire :love
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    9. I don't think the artists has done very many rereleases and releases in general seem a little random.

      My Astor didn't end up working out for me (I couldn't get over just how teeny tiny his teeth were sculpted) but I love their sculpts in general. Maybe I'll try another one down the road.
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    10. Souris Etolie is releasing Stella soon. He's absolutely perfect for a character I am shelling. He sells on 6/13-6/19.

      Here is a link to the page. Stella| Stella - Souris Etoile

      Good to know about the switch match I am going to try to find a powder beige body.

      ETA - updated link.
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    11. I ADORE the Stella head :eusa_pray I'm already too attached to my current doll that I would have him as. ...And I really have no need for extra characters I've not made up yet. Just gonna add him to my admiration list for now.
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