New Doll Special Character BJD Doll "Gankutsuou" The Count of Monte Cristo [DOLK]

Dec 26, 2019

    1. Special Character BJD Doll

      The Count of Monte Cristo, a mysterious gentleman who came from the Eastern space, suddenly became a star of the Paris society with its fascinating looks and witty conversation.
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      The anime “Gankutsuou” has celebrated 15 years since 2004 when it was started to broadcast. It created a beautiful world view with its characteristic texture expression and became a hot topic.

      This time, we thoroughly researched and recreated the "Gankutsuou".
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      The Count of Monte Cristo Cast doll





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    2. Is his beard part of his head sculpt?

      Also, is it at all possible to get just the head?

      Thank you!
    3. Will he only be offered im Grey Skin?
      Cause in Gankutsuou he had blue skin.
    4. Hello, his beard is also part of his head sculpt?
      Sorry, we can't sale the head alone. Thank you
    5. Hello, sorry but it's only Special order gray skin of Count Monte Cristo
    6. It is a tough call, but 'grey is the way' it seems.
      In the series guide, Maeda notes that The Count was envisioned with an 'ashen grey' skin tone, but this did not convey his nature well when animated (the series Mooks shows some of the original colour plates with grey skin). Adding a slightly blue tint implies - according to Maeda - either intellect or magic. Certainly Maeda must have liked this doll as it is, as he signed off on it.
      I'll certainly be throwing my hat in the ring for it, but I can see why fans would have preferred a screen accurate doll, as opposed to a concept accurate.

      C'est lat vie...
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    7. I mean Im happy we have this wonderful represantation at all, so no hard feelings. I just asked cause despite the original color concept I prefered the blue cause imho it simply fit better in the already very colorful world.