New Doll Special Collaboration Doll | Dolk x Bunny Bunny " IRIS"

Mar 15, 2018

    1. Introducing our new special collaboration doll "IRIS". Iris appeared in full set. Don't miss this chance.

      Bunny bunny s popular doll "Iris Doll"
      Available now as a collaboration doll with an outfit of NO.S PROJECT which is based on a "Pure White" concept.

      Based on the gold makeup when it was released to the "Snow Queen" for a limited time in 2016, a faint hint of pink added as a special makeup, that make her look lovelier.

      It has also a collaboration-limited original lace dress, made with a silhouette spreading fluffy with a doll size "serious Pannier" collaboration product with NO.S PROJECT!


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    2. Are there any choices for the eyes? Or it just randomly chooses?