Special dolly dates?

Jan 26, 2017

    1. While the arrival of a doll is always a special event, does anyone have particularly special arrival stories? Could be dolls, heads, face-ups, clothes; anything doll related that landed on an interesting or meaningful date?

      For example, I ordered a ResinSoul Autumn last month and never got a shipping email, but I did get an email after I ordered her telling me that she'd ship out in 45-ish days, after the chinese new year.
      So you can imagine my surprise when she arrived to me today, on my Birthday! :chibi I was completely caught off guard, but now she's already commandeered a special spot in my heart as a literal birthday present.

      I'd like to hear everyone else's special stories! <3
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    2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :fangirl:

      Having a doll arrive on your birthday is so sweet! ♥ It'd be a really wonderful surprise. I wish I have one who arrive on my birthday! :whee:

      There are a few dates which are special to me for various reason but I think the best one was Oct 31 because it is not only L's (Death Note) birthday, but also the day my boy, who I made into L, arrived home. There was a mini scare because I got an notice saying there would be a delay which meant that he would arrive after Oct 31, but he made it, just right on time!

      I hope it's okay to post his picture here heh. :kitty2

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    3. Aww birthday doll, that's so nice!! Congrats on her arrival :D

      It's not really special, but that date I ordered my first full doll is what I consider my anniversary as a collector, and I'm hoping to do a big photoshoot on my tenth year (this year is 8)! really curious to see what my collection will look like then!
      His arrival date is still somewhat special to me, even though I don't have him anymore.

      My most recent doll purchase was made on christmas so that's kind of special too! :)
    4. I usually don't keep track of when my dolls arrive or when they're ordered, but I ordered my first doll on April 2, so I always remember that date because that's when I got sucked into the hobby. XD This year will mark nine years since I ordered him!
    5. That's so cool that you got a doll on the character's birthday! He looks great, too! :chibi
      I can imagine it being scary for a planned arrival to be delayed! How did you manage a specific delivery date though? :D

      Do you do anniversary shoots every year, or are you just planning the one? It sounds like a good idea to document the growth of a doll family! ^-^

      That's awesome! I also consider the order date of my first boy to be my anniversary, because I could start actively participating in the hobby. :blush
      I haven't made my first bjd anniversary yet, but it's coming and I'm excited! :D
    6. LOL actually I asked if Soom could hold off shipping him until a few days before Oct 31, in case he was ready to be shipped out earlier. I figured if he arrived a day or two before L's birthday, I'd just pick him up from the Post Office on the 31st. Soom was really accommodating but then came the delay notice which about gave me a heart attack lol. I'm so glad it all worked out in the end! :)

      Having a doll arrive on your birthday without any advance planning though, would really make the day special! :D
    7. I tend to use my dolls arrival dates as their birthdays... but other then that I don't have anything I remember that is doll related... I don't even remember when I got my very first doll as I forget the birthday now that I'm selling her. xD Nov 17 is the birthday of the only older doll I'm keeping (got her in 2007), and Jan 9 is the birthday of my newest doll! (Just got her this year!) I Did order my newest doll on my own birthday though, so that's kind of nice! :)

      I do know that Feb 26, 2006 was when I got into the hobby though. It was later that year that I got my first one. I only know that though because I signed up for this site as soon as I got hooked, so the date is on my profile!xD

      I hope you had a good birthday, glad you got your doll! :D
    8. Thank you. ^-^

      I also use arrival dates for birthdays now! I don't remember the arrival of my first doll, either, because it didn't even occur to me to keep track of it at the time. But it does seem fun to celebrate doll birthdays with maybe like a cute photo-shoot or a little gift. <3

      Congrats on ordering a birthday doll! Treat yourself! :thumbup
    9. Yeah, that's what I like to do, a photo shoot and likely a little birthday photo story! I never used to share photos on here, but I still enjoyed doing that just for fun! (It also gave me an excuse to spend extra money I had on doll clothing and such!xD)

      Thanks! :)
    10. What a coincidence for you! I don't think I've ever had a doll arrive on my birthday.

      My first BJD arrived on June 21, the summer solstice. That helps me remember it. He's really the only one whose "birthday" I celebrate. Coincidentally, another one of my dolls was acquired on the same day, three years later! So they share the same birthday.

      The birthday boys, Hiro (Volks SD13 Link) and Akone (DZ Yuu2).

      Linda S.
    11. What a lovely thread idea! Thank you, @Princesouffle

      Most of my dolls have special arrival stories, but I think the funniest is when I got the oldest of them, Silfe. That was 6 years ago roundabouts, probably around this time. I bought him in person at The Doll Market, which was then fairly close to where I was attending undergrad.

      I'd withdrawn a large sum of cash from my checking account specifically to buy a doll. I had my heart set on DZ Wing. When I got to the Doll Market...it was deserted! I was worried they'd closed because of the recent icestorm, but when I called them, someone answered and cheerfully told me that they'd let me in.

      BUT WING WAS GONE. Instead, this GIGANTIC purple and white creation was standing in the case. DollZone Edward. If I couldn't have Wing, I'd take him instead, so I did. And I had to take him to class. And carry him around all day. In his fullset. But it was totally worth it and I'd do it again.
    12. Arrival dates are like birthdays to my dolls. I really should setup a schedule for their dates, so I can try yearly shoots for every one!
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    13. I don't tend to do the birthday thing so their arrival days are like an anniversary marking how much time we've spent together. I used to do yearly photoshoots but been getting busier and busier with work over the years and this hasn't happened regularly in a while
    14. While I do remember all the dates when my dolls arrived, I don't make anything special of it to be honest. My characters whom I shell into my dolls have their own dates of birth so the dates when dolls are made/shipped/arrive to me don't really matter in this case.
      But there's a really interesting, perhaps even mystical coincidence regarding the date when I got my first doll, which was July the 27th (in 2013).
      About a year after getting my first boy I started chatting with one person online...A person I encountered in a bjd-themed group of a local social network. I was quite active back then and made many bjd-related friends, but this very person became special for me. She's now my very best friend. And the interesting part is that her birthday is July the 27th. :3

      So I guess I still kind of celebrate the date of my first dolly arrival, although indirectly : D
    15. I didn’t think of the dolls arrival much
      Too many of them it’s hard to remember
      However I would remember how I got them
      Like I obtained it from 2nd hand or direct order with the company that kind of details

      but of coz if a doll arrive on bday and in-intended by you, that’s really special
    16. My second doll and my first fullset actually arrived on Christmas Eve! The projected arrival was the 29. I was absolutely thrilled to get her early. Easy to remember that date. Made the following holiday so much better :D
    17. I think making their arrival date their birthday is a good idea. My most recent came on a day I probably won’t forget, I had COVID and the day she arrived was the day I finished quarantine and isolation.
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    18. My dolls' arrival days are their birthdays as well. This April my SDmidi arrived on the 8th, which happens to be the anniversary date for my one of my fav. Kpop groups, EXO. So my girl has been named Eri after the fan club. I've got her her own light stick and everything. I think she may need a twin sister one day named Ahmi... lol.
    19. I got the email saying that I had won the lottery for my Dollfie Icon Clover on my birthday, so that was pretty cool. Especially since she was kinda my birthday present.
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    20. I tend to use my doll's arrival dates as their birthdays like a lot of people do. For some reason the only one I remember without looking it up in one of the lists I've made is that of my first MSD to arrive after seven years of only collecting tinies. It was November 30.