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Special Edition Dollmore Model Dolls

Jan 4, 2007

    1. You've linked your own thread! Aggh! I'm caught in a loop...
    2. I think they're really beautiful! THe pictures of Kyle show alot more potential in him than I could see in the photographs of the normal edition. :3 He looks hoooot.
    3. wow. i adore bonnie's makeup... i didnt really like bonnie in her default incarnation, but this whiteskin limited... she's amazing.
    4. the dolls look good...not so hot on their outfits though XD maybe it's Kyle's mask or something....

      but it does really show how lovely these heads can be :)
    5. wow I love them both! bonnie looks somewhat possessed, almost animal like. I hope they're not popular so that I can save up and buy one! :P
    6. Ooof. I waaaant that outfit! (Hmmm - anybody looking to split?)
    7. Bonnie. She's so beautiful.
    8. That Bonnie is incredible. I really love the faceup, and the outfit rocks.

      Pretty rad, um, mask/patch/face-flap on the Kyle's outfit.
    9. Wow, both of their outfits are so detailed. Bonnie's face-up is so haunting, I LOVE IT! :) And Kyle looks soft and gentle on the inside, but tough-stuff on the outside. Both very beautiful.
    10. ANYONE WANT THE BODY?! I really wanna split for the Bonnie head! I also have a marketplace thread for the subject...

    11. Just be aware that is white resin...different than the normal model doll resin (for your matching purposes).
    12. Wow !! That Kyle is AMAZING !!

      I am not so fond of Bonnie's make-up in this version, but Kyle... Oh my !

      Have to hide the pictures from my dolls, otherwise there will be no end to their pleading for a male presence !
    13. Kyle looks so amazing! I would almost be tempted to get him to be my Harvey, but for that price :/ he is amazing though! if only he had an option of skin tones.
    14. Wow, Kyle is kind of nice. Reminds me of Sugizo XDD I like the eye makeup a lot but he's a bit out of my price range, I'll just admire~
    15. i really love Kyle with white skin - pity that isn't an option with the non limited one.
    16. I agree widdershin, I wish Dollmore would make white skin an option on their general release dolls.
    17. I really fall in love with Kyle!!! His eyes are adorable.

      But I don't feel special to his outfit. If anyone bought him and would like to split, please ask me!! ^//////^