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'Special' Kill_U at K-Doll

Sep 19, 2005

    1. Seems that there's going to be another version of Kill_U for sale at the K-Doll website. Not sure if I like this or the 2nd version better; good luck to anyone after him! Says sales should start Sept 30th :daisy
    2. Ah he is pretty. *grabby hands*
    3. Click on 'doll shop', english, and the first post (it'll have the red title :grin: ) has pictures of him in comparison to the 2nd Kill_U.
    4. Oh, thanks. :daisy Seems like it's very similar, but the facial shape is a little rounder. I'd have to see painted pictures before I judge.

    5. Ack, oh no I want it. >.<;

      His eyes! His eyes! They look lovely!

    6. I ordered him!!!
      The changes made to the Special are exactly the "fixes" I was hoping for.
      Yay! Thanks to idrisfynn for pointing out this headmold (so I didn't have to spend a million $ on a Kian) and SUPER thanks to Yumi for helping me with the order!
      YOU ROCK!!!
    7. Have looked through the posts but must not be looking right, because I'm not seeing a price. Any idea on price? He does look awful purty, all these new dolls makes it so hard to decide on WHICH one to get!
    8. I think this head is the same price as the previous ones: $120, but they are limited to 18 total: 9 to match Luts white skin and 9 to match SD (which skintone I'm not sure).
    9. Pureskin I believe it says :?
    10. Volks pureskin normal or Luts white skin were the choices.

      I got my tracking number today! *squeal*
    11. :D i got my tracking number today too
    12. Ordered mine, I think I got the 8th out of 9 normal skins (yikes, that was close!). Can't wait for my tracking number.

      Is it just my end, or is the K-site down at the moment? :?
    13. It does seem to be down at the moment.... Congratulations though to everyone who got one! I can't wait to see pictures :D