New Doll Special New Collaboration Dolls Sakura Delia 2021 & Sakura Zuzana 2021 [DOLK x Myou Doll]

Apr 14, 2021

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    1. They're shown with jointed hands. Do they come with jointed hands? Or what hands are those?
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    2. If someone doesn't want jointed hands, are there other compatible hands available?
    3. I know it's probably not, but is the outfit available separately?
    4. I love the jointed hands!
      I preorderd Snow Delia in fall 2020, would it be possible to order jointed hands for her (in her white skin color)?
      Please make this possible, I would love this so much. :pout:
    5. According to a follow up email from Dolk. The hands shown in the photo are these. They can be ordered separately, and they do not come with jointed hands.
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    6. Sorry for the late reply, I just notice today,
      * The joint hand with bending fingers is not included in the set because it is a shooting sample, but It is possible to order separately.

      Get it here 1/4 hand parts B(short nail) | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop
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    7. Hello sorry for the late reply, yes you can order the hand separately,
      Visit it here --> 1/4 hand parts B(short nail) | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop
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    8. Hello. the outfit will not be purchase separately
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    9. Cool, thank you :)
      Will it be possible to order it for combined shipping with Delia? Or will it need to ship separately?

      Do you know which skin color of dika doll will be the closest choice for Snow Delia? White? Normal pink?

      I do own a normal skin Ringdoll that could take the hands if they do not work with Delia, but no idea what dika doll skintone would match