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Special Tanned Latis - How Dark?

Feb 28, 2008

    1. I was just looking at the special issue tanned Latis. They don't seem to be really, darkly tanned. And when I look at the pictures of the regular Lati, Laches, he seems to have a tan like them.

      Are they similar or were the tanned Latis darker than Laches? Can someone who has both comment? Thanks!
    2. [​IMG]

      this is my tiny Laches next to my new tan Belle ..they are exactly the same colour :)
      I LOVE lati tan :)
    3. Thanks for clearing that up for me ...
      And for including the picture. Very helpful!
    4. Was Latches always tan? That's the one I've had my eyes on (and is NOT on my list, must go to bottom, must stick with list!!!)

      The picture of her in the smaller body shows such difference in the body color vs the head, is that typical? Or does it look worse in that picture than it really is? I'm not sure if I want the small body or the special body... special is just the tiniest bit bigger than puki, so the small might be super cute, but then it may not bend/pose as well...

      What am I saying! No, no no no! no Lati doll! You have a list, stick to it (to self)
    5. yes it is typical
      its the sealant to keep the face-ups on it gives the resin an almost dusty look
      you cant really tell though when they are dressed

      Laches and Pury ...the tiny white verson ...are the same head mould
      and the same body type ...I dont know about the specials as I have never seen them
      but I do have 3 of the Pury/Laches
      Pury just came in white resin and Laches tan ...
      then they released Lily who is the same , only on a little girls body ?...and without elf ears :)
      she is available in white and normal
    6. I've always thought of Laches and Pury as twins, but I didn't know that they actually have the same mould.
      I did go back and forth between Laches and tanned Lily a million times because they have such resemblance!
      Thank you for solving the mystery :lol:

      Oooh wouldn't it be awesome to have Laches/Pury/Lily for triplets!!
    7. Dont ! LOL
      I have special tan Belle ...who is so beautiful it hurts, Laches special and Pury and Pury head on Orientdoll boy body .an Arin girl (and a Kong special on the way )..I just went over to look at the Lati Lily
      Im so very tempted to get an Arin tiny boy ..
      and ended up getting slipping and doing more damage to my credit card , with the new Lati Yellow Byurl
      Lati are so bloody addictive ...luckily I dont like the larger ones ..phew
    8. Your Belle is adorable!
      To be honest I didn't really like that pouty face when I first saw Belle on the Lati site.
      But it kind of grew on me...Your Belle is an absolute darling!

      Hehee I saw your post in the Byurl thread!
      I really want a Yellow size now too! Lati tinies are so cute :D
      Or maybe another White to keep my little Laches company...
      I thought that he was a bit hard to handle due to the small size, but gosh, now I take him with me everywhere (within the house, of course)!
    9. I took a pic of the my lati yellows and their different skin colours...next to a white skin the tanned skin seems to be really dark :)

      tanned -----------natural-----------------white

    10. Dies ..I would kill for a tan Yellow
      Oh well I will add one to my must get list

      who is the one in the middle ...I just love those little ears !
    11. the little one in the middle is a yellow Cookie with natural skin....;)
      I loove her big mouse ears too :aheartbea
    12. I have always been drawn to Laches because of the darker skintone (it's neat to know that it's the same as the special tanned Latis).

      I'm still very new here and not able to access the marketplace yet but I'm dying to know if any of the special tanned white Latis are on the secondary market ... and how crazy the prices are!:lol:

      Can anyone who does have access to the marketplace tell me if they've seen any tanned white Latis offered for sale there? I'm not trying to bypass the rules - I'm just dying of curiousity. If they are showing up there for sale, I'll have reason to start saving my money now in anticipation of my being able to access the marketplace.:lol:

    13. to be honest I havent seen any up for sale
      there was a tan Belle , just sold ...I think she was the same price as she went for on Lati
      but you can order the tan white Laches when they do a restock ... ...in both white sizes , so he isnt too hard to get
      you cant get any of the others in tan and its the Yellow that are almost impossible to get
      and welcome ! :)
    14. Thanks for the insider report. I am toying with the idea of a white-sized tan Laches but I have to admit that some of the other sculpts are more tempting. Hmmmm. I'll have to give it some thought. But that'll give me some time to sell some knits to finance a Lati. Ka-ching!
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    16. Wow, thanks for that picture, is great, I only have lati normal and white and I been thinking on getting me a tan one.