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special Yellow Lati dolls?

Jun 20, 2007

    1. i was on the latdoll site the other day looking at dolls, and i went on just a few moments ago and noticed all of these new Yellow dolls, and they were all sold out! i was so upset i loved the summer festival ones! does anyone know when they went for sale?

      (i wasn't sure what section to put this under if it is in the wrong spot, i apologize)

    2. I think the summer festival ones are specials from last July (and the ones prior to those on the list are from even earlier). The two newest Cookie and Momo haven't been released yet.
    3. Cookie and Momo are beautifull! =O

      Seriously, if they're limited, I will sell my Nnuri head for one. I NEED one of those little sweethearts! @.@
    4. Have they already sold out of the basic yellows? Im on now and its 12pm korean time and they still say restocking...?! Does that mean they're gone already?
    5. i really hope they are not gone! (the basics)

      Cookie and momo? are there any pictures of them?
    6. I see, so the SP body will not be released until 22nd?

      When I saw that there were only 20 each of Momo and Cookie I almost died ><; I cannot get the money that fast!

      God, I hope they release non-elf versions x_____x;;;;
    7. No, no, it means they're getting ready to put them up. They say they won't be up until the 22nd - just the Whites and clothes and such were done on the 20th. You're good. ^_^

    8. This is right. ^_^
    9. They are releasing none elf versions of momo and cookie and you can select regular or sp body this is what they said in reply to my question on the board.

      Elf version are up for sale on the 22nd of june. Look in the news section on the Lati site for dates and update info.
    10. The basic yellow Lati's are now available and they are with the new body. I know because I just ordered one.
      Cheers and don't buy too many
    11. They weren't sold out when I was there. Try again.

    12. I managed to get Momo, they confirmed my payment this morning.

      She is as tall as Riley, or Hana from Elfdoll. Glad her head didn't get any bigger, she seems more proportioned than My Lina, Lati Yellow.

    13. This might be a funny question but if anyone knows...I saw that they are selling the new yellow body seperately but does it only come with boy parts?
    14. Hum, I hope they are girls too. Momo is a girl.

      Good question.

    15. The currently available yellow body is the 16cm renewal body, not the 20cm one, and it's probably not gendered because it's exactly the same as the old Yellow body except with the rotating leg joint. When the 20cm bodies come out July 11, they should be both girl and boy, since they have pics of the 20cm boy body up and their limited elves have a 20cm girl body.
    16. Lightning~ Oh I see! Thanks for the info! I think I got confused with the picture that they showed! :)
    17. so they are sold out now...
      i am sad! i thought they came out this month...i'm dumb
    18. NP. I had to go fishing around their site earlier in order to figure it out, LaTi doesn't do the best job at explaining what they're doing. :sweat And, yeah that picture is totally confusing. It really makes it look like they've only got a bigger boy and a smaller, girl body. :?
    19. I think they said they are releasing new different versions on July 11 of the elves as well as sell the human versions
    20. Yeah, 20 more each of elves Cookie and Momo are coming out 7-11 at 7PM Korean time (eep that's early here). They're going to be on the 16cm bodies and will have different makeup/clothes than the 20cm ones they released in June.