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~Spells with Elf, Sage, and Muse~ Art book featuring BJDs

May 2, 2008

    1. The Noren Project presents:

      Spells with Elf, Sage, and Muse
      Portraits and Illustrations
      The Art of the Tarot of Noren
      By Kari Ronning and the Noren Project

      The first photography illustration art collection of Noren, Kari Ronning and the Noren Project’s fantasy universe.
      Over 100 pages this art collection of over 78 full color prints of portraits and depicted events from Noren’s narrative and will give you a glimpse into this world of magic, myth, and epic chronicle.
      Join the mortal divinity, the muses—live models, and their immortal charges—elves, sages, and all manner of Noren’s inhabitance, played and modeled by Asian Ball Joint dolls, here in their original intended layout and grandeur.
      Step into the imagery of Noren.

      Regular, soft cover edition, available for purchase at Blurb Bookstore
      Also preview the first 15 pages here.

      Collector’s, hard cover edition, available for purchase Blurb Bookstore
      Also preview the first 15 pages here.
      Collector’s edition contains a bonus panorama image not included in the regular edition

      Bonus Preview:
      The Moon—“House of the Moon Rising”
      BJD: CP Moon

      Three of Pentacles—“Of What She Prays”
      BJD: CP Oryll mod elf

      Knight of Swords—“Source of Fury”
      BJD: CP El Elf-ss mod

      Seven of Cups—“Long Cast Shadows on Joy”
      BJDs: CP Moon-ss
      CP AES, Volkd Dollfie Dream Hybrid


      for more information and more about Noren check out, Noren Realm
      If you have questions please feel free to PM FairyEars, or send emails to fairyear@live.com