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Spiderfly Feedback Thread (buyer/seller, personal feedback)

Jul 14, 2006

    1. Amazing Sellers!

      Akari - Amazing communication! Shipped my boy /fast/
      Noriko - Great communication, group order went flawlessly
      Karin - Wow! Great masterpiece group order. Very very helpful.
      Lishe - Amazing! Nice and great about layaway. Very quick to respond to PMs
    2. Amazing Buyers!

      Himitsu - Bought a blanket from me and paid /so quick/ Very nice ^_^
      n1k1ta - Paid /very/ quickly. My head's still spinning! Extremely friendly and a pleasure to deal with. ^_^
      scoundrelle - Paid very very quickly and was very communicative!
      thekittybox - Amazingly quick and easy to communicate with :3
      KKinVA - Very patient and nice! The post office 'lost' her package for a week or two and she was very understanding and wonderful to deal with while we figured everything out.
    3. Please leave any feedback you have for me here. ^_^ Thanks everyone. ^_^
    4. Spiderfly is a wonderful seller. She checked with me to make sure my order with her actually got to me. She even went so far as to go to the post office to follow up!

      I highly recommend her. <3
    5. Spiderfly is an awesome buyer. Sold her an Odelia for a friend. Great communication and easy transaction.

    6. I got a vampire shushu head from a split that Spiderfly arranged - what a beautiful head! Thank you so much Spiderfly!!! Easy to contact and she kept me up to date on all the progress!
    7. Spiderfly coordinated Luts Shushu sale and everything was great! Very happy - thanks so much!

      Hugs, Kim
    8. Bought a beautiful Souldoll Miryu from Spiderfly! The doll was packed so well that she didn't budge the entire trip here. Great seller!
    9. ^^I bought a luts mnf bw body from spiderfly ~! fast shipping and great comunication~!! Thanks again <3 ~!!
    10. I bought a head, but it got lost in transit...*_* After harassing the post office many times, I got my money back, and Spiderfly was great with personality and contacting me through, the whole time. Would definately buy from her again. ^^ <3333 Thank you~!! :D
    11. I bought a MNF Elf Shushu boy from Spiderfly. She was very patient with me while I paid on him through layaway! She answered all my shipping questions very well. She's an great buyer and I would do business with her again. :)
    12. I bought a SDC Ren from "Spiderfly." Jacqueline is a dream to buy from. She answered a zillion questions for me and was always pleasant, quick, and thorough. She did a great packing job. The doll arrived safely and she was exactly as promised. The postal service didn't scan and track the package properly so we were both concerned about its progress and we ended up PMing each other almost daily to keep each other posted. After all that PMing, I feel like I really know her and I'm really glad to have met Jacqueline on DoA and I'd recommend her as a seller to everyone.

    13. I bought some Special ED eyes from Spiderfly.
      Nice transaction, she's a sweet and kind saler, and very helpful, especially with some shipping difficulties we encounter from Post Office. All was sort out, and the eyes arrived safely. They are gorgeous and in perfect condition, as described.
      Thanks a lot !