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"Spinel Dress" at Luts

Sep 2, 2005

    1. I think it is the most expensive outfit that Luts has offered up to date... $390.00 *_*
      It is so pretty though. Maybe somebody here will buy one and we can see on it person? :oops:

    2. pretty dress, but i think the price is just a tad bit steep. :o
    3. This dress looks like the kind of dresses I used to draw when I was a child. Much like a cake. Cinderella like.

      A bit too decorated for my taste now.
    4. Gorgeous dress, but I agree that the price is a bit steep. Cheerydoll has some dresses similar in detail for about half the price.
    5. that looks liek actual silk. O.o wonder if they used hoops to make it thatpuffy , or jsut lots of petticoats...
    6. wow $390!!! dress is very gorgeous tho. Too bad my money tree only sprouts leaves instead of real money :grin:
    7. Agreed.

      I could buy a doll with $390. *_*
      I could order a dress for myself with $390. Lots of dresses.
    8. I think that the bows down the front are a bit to large, you can't see the shape of the doll. however the rest I like.
    9. That's lovely!
      I agree with fitz, though: her the bows are a tad on the large side.
    10. how pretty, gorgeous and amazing!
    11. ROFL :lol: it's true!
    12. I sort of like the large, all encompasing bows. It's much close to the style the dress is trying to capture. It's such a beautiful gown. I believe with clothes, it is the same as with dolls, if you truly love it, the cost shouldn't matter.
    13. I love the delicate rose color and the texture, but aiiiee. That's more than I'll be spending (hopefully!) on my first doll. XD
      Still, 100% silk... I guess it would be worth it for someone(/doll) who wants real luxury!
    14. All I have to say is ... thank gawd none of my girls would wear that *_*
    15. It's a limited dress...no wonder..the materials used for this..

      She's wearing their new wig..the "stylable" one. O__O
    16. I am waiting for the white one... :oops:

      I think this dress would be perfect for the people who have more of a "collector"'s side to them--to display their doll in the gorgeous dress like that. (The bows are a tad too big though). I know I will be playing with my dolls plenty, so this dress is not for me (apart from the cost).
    17. Now that is a beautiful dress.. I agree though the big bows on the front of the dress would have to go. The ones on the back are ok. After looking at the pictures on the site, I'm not to crazy about the material (stripes), solid pink would be better. I'd love a dress like that for "Soo" when I can order her up.
    18. *whistles* Someone's wallet would be a bit sore after this buy...

      But it's nice. In a princess-y sort of way.
    19. BEAUTIFULL dress!!! Soony looks gorgeous in it. However, there are too many bows though.