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Spirit Doll - 2nd ver. Proud Girl Body

Aug 26, 2011

    1. The company have put on slae pics of a 2nd version of the older Proud girl body:
      the body reach 66Cm with head on
      The 1st version of the Proud gilr body is now out of stock:
      The price is the same:$388

      I had to say that i always loved the spirit doll proud Girl body, this new one i don't know what to say, i'm not positive about it, i don't like this new "trend" to make all in one peace the hight heeled feet with the ankle, seems that the knee joints are differet, but i'm not sure if comes with double joints, but i do like better the older one, same for the thighs joint are gone, seems also that elbow joints are different and more rounded.I'm not positive about aestetic VS posability as bjd are supposed to make poses not just to stand still, or sit. :|
      What do think?I would like to collect honest opinions about it. ;)
      TO MOD OR VIRTUE: If this thread is unecessary feel free to merge with the older spirit doll proud girl thread, thank you.

    2. I honestly do not like it..besides that i do not like the darn one piece from knee to heel,the same that Aria doll presented time ago,even Popodoll did,but also i do not find any emproving into this body..why the company completely changed the thighs and the joints on it?
      I never heard that that joints of the thighs gave unstability to the body..and i will never undestand why the companies more and more focuses only on easthetic and does not take an eye even to the posability.
      I'm so sad that i can cry..
    3. To be honest, I love it, if it's really smaller in size it would be perfect :). I only collect in the 63 - 68 cm range and although I loved all the Spirit Proud sculpts they have always been too big for my tastes. Now however, I can see myself ordering that body for one of my floating heads here. It's really beautifully sculpted.

      About the legs, oh well, I have a SD16 and I adore her sculpted high-heel feets, so I can live with the high-heel legs, too.
    4. I'm certainly interested. Does this body come in a choice of resin colours?
    5. Sharkyra there's the elegance body if you need one shorter! ;)
      Well what i mean is just that this in my humble opinion, is a step back in terms of posability and emproovement, to be honest im very very tired that the female sculpt are all smaller, or thiny, and also less jointed than the male bodies, why female bodies no matter which company are less jointed?
      The older body have nothing wrong, of course it's just a matter of taste, but sometiems it would be nice that posability would go above aestetic and the girlie look air, in sculpt, about the legs simply i hate them, i've seen before on Aria doll, and Popodoll and was never impressed by.
    6. The resin color will be the same i assume of the former *sigh* proud body.

      Sharkyra If you want there is also the shorter body,the elegence one,just if you wish to take a look,even if i'm sure you're already looked at it.

      Honestly i cringe looking at this new body cause i don't see really any emprovements with the former one...beside the one piece hight heeled legs that i do not like in general.
      Spirit Doll was the one mature female body fully jointed around and now the company take a step back and i simply don't see the point.
    7. I really liked the first versiona Proud body :( I was especially in love with the legs. I'm sad they won't be offering it as an option....
    8. I have to confess I don't generally bother with high-heeled legs at all. But I'm not over-keen on the rigid one-piece kind either. I think Volks may have started that trend with their SD16s.

      $abbatha, does that mean the body is available only in one colour?
    9. I'm with you,i've asked them to offer the choice,besides few measuraments the sculpt seems quite similiar to the first version, i'ìve asked them to keep both bodies,but i doubt that they will listen anyway..

      The color avaible shall be white skin,normal skin,tan.

      I never liked volks,nor the bodies nor the heads sculpts,nor the resin colors of their dolls,i'm not interested to know exactly who was the first company to present this weird one piece leg...i only know that in my pov this new body isn't good to me.

      The main difference is few centimters in the meauraments and other than that i don't see other difference besides the lack of joints..i don't even know if the knees are actually double jointed or not..
    10. Nah, the elegance is only SD size (around 58 cm) it's too small and childish looking.

      However, I've just looked up the measurements on the old Proud body and it also says 66cm, so I assume that this one isn't actually smaller than the last version. Such a pitty :/
    11. Oh..dear..this new one it's even bigger..the bust is 27,50cm and the hips are 30cm and the waist is 19cm so similiar to SID dolls iplheouse measuraments..or at least i guess so..
      The previous one was smaller..
      also do you noticed that the small bust options gone?
    12. I'm totally with you, i hope that would be an option, but i don't bet it that company woudl even offered...

      You made a point this new sculpt is a bit bigger that the older, i'm sorry about the elegance body.
    13. I do like Volks however I think the inflexible high-heeled legs aren't great at all - I didn't get them from Ariadoll either...
    14. I'm pretty sure the knees are still double jointed, that's what that extra line 'behind' the knee is (and you can see the elegance boy body sitting on his knees which was also updated with the same style joint)

      I still see the extra bust pieces listed but they didn't update their images, nor the single piece torso elegance girl for some reason? I'm sure the old pieces wouldn't fit on this new body :x
    15. Good point about the old extra torso that surely wouldn't fit on the new female torso, i still don't like the new knee joints, i find odd those double joints, i see also a strange rectangular piece on both side of the knee, also sorry if i repeat like a riddle, why the thighs joints disappear?I don't see the point....
      Why?I'm crying...i love the older body... :(
    16. Well if i was rude then i apologize.I was only thinking out loud ^^"
    17. sorry about that $abbatha. It was silly of me to go off in a huff. Perhaps I should delete or change my post. >.<
    18. This is indeed a shame! I'm quite happy with my Spiritdoll Moonless' version 1 body. I really don't like that they took those thigh joints out. And the one-piece high-heel legs? Ugh! I was eventually hoping to get a large-bust piece for my Moonless, so I hope they will still make parts for the old-style bodies.
    19. Well maybe it's better then to edit mine too..i was uttely rude,sorry again ç_____ç
    20. I've really admired Spirit Doll's bodies, but I don't think I like this all-in-one high heeled lower leg.