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Spirit Doll 66cm Girls!

Mar 20, 2009

    1. These lovely girls are now available to order.
      So far there are fives girls;
      Cyathea, Lotus, Jade, Daffodil, and Freesia.

      [thread=301195]Link to News thread & pictures![/thread]

      Lots of great customization options:
      Three resin colours offered- White, Normal, and Tan
      Three bust sizes offered- Small, Large, and Extra Large
      Slight nails on the hands
      Normal and High-heeled feet

      Spirit Girl Body Measurements:
      Height: 66cm
      Girth of the neck: 10cm
      Girth of the chest: 26cm
      Girth of the waist: 17cm
      Girth of the hips: 29cm
      Width of the shoulder: 12.5cm
      Length of the arms: 20cm
      Girth of the arm: 8cm
      Length from bellybutton to foot: 38cm
      Girth of the thigh: 15.5cm
      Girth of the calf: 11cm
      Length of the feet: 7.3cm
      Width of the feet: 7.3cm
    2. A doll like Alek Wek would be wonderful! :D I really like the first photo where she is not smiling, to me she looks dynamic!

      The progress pictures look really good btw. I really love the body, it looks very graceful and strong. I love how they're will be a bust option, I cant wait to see what the small bust looks like.

      Her hands are wonderful, very detailed and delicate!

      Also, the heads are nice, I like the third and last one but I'd like to see more frowning girl dolls or neutral girl molds. I'll probably just have to wait to see what faceups will look like.
      But I'll be watching this thread carefully! :D
    3. I love how spiritdoll takes they're dolls to the next level...they look like tiny humans with how detailed they make they're dolls. I love how the girls are slim and have a nice hourglass figure whereas most companies make they're females kind of flat(on the bottom). I'm anxious to see them fully done.
    4. She is lovely!! Her hands are so delicate and feminine. And OMG dimples!! I love those little dimples above her butt. :D:D

      The heads are very beautiful, especially since they are all unique. I especially like the first head. It reminds me a little bit of the Unoa Lusis face. But something about her cute little nose makes her unique. :)
    5. Very, very nice. I would perhaps have liked to see even broader hips and her being not quite so thin, but I do love her beautifully-rounded bum. And the hands are stunning. A real work of art. Well done!
    6. Unoa crossed my mind too!
    7. Wow! Her body is awesome! I would really like it if they were to add little more abdominal detail, and make her look a bit more athletic, but feminine. This body is pretty close to the way I draw figures.

      Her bum, bust and dimples really remind me of Limhwa bodies.
    8. She looks amazing. Very athlectic and detailed. Her breasts and gluts are beautiful. Spirit Dolls are very impressive. I do hope that the final sculpt does not look too thin though. I am excited to see the final result. I am in love with the first head. There is omething about it that reminds me of an adult Unoa girl.
    9. wow, they really took the suggestions and went with them. i can see they are trying very hard to sculpt her according to the requests. my only critique is that the legs are so long and thin in comparison to the shapely body, i would prefer them to be more in proportion and muscular. i am liking the heads that are more asian inspired....

      and to krystina..... funny you should mention Alek Wek, i am having her head sculpted by the Nobility doll company, i love her face so much.
    10. I agree about the legs. I think the length are okay, but they could be a little more filled out with muscle.
    11. :D YOU MUST SPAM HER!!!! are they going to be doing her in tan resin (do they have that option?) I cant wait to see what Nobility doll does with her!:aheartbea
    12. Wow, what a talented sculptor you have. She's absolutely gorgeous. The hands are so pretty as well. I'm definitely interested in getting her. Will the busts be available as a separate piece to buy as well, in case you want to swap looks for her? I think she's wonderful. Can't wait until she's available. I love the heads as well, although so far, no 1 appears to be calling to me the most. She's saying 'buy me' already!
    13. oh don't worry i will, they have only just started this month so it may be a while, i am getting 2 heads, one in dark tan, and one in white.
    14. Wow, I love this girl--she seems so life like. I'd like to see a bit more shapeliness in the thighs to go along with the arms, but really she looks great. I prefer the narrower hips since she has a cute rounded bum. And bust options! I'd love a small busted lanky girl, she could wear some really fun sleek clothes. Head one is my fave and then two and four--four would be so fun to paint--those eyes are really dramatic.
    15. Did anyone save those pictures? They were hosted on photobucket and have been removed because of the nudity....
    16. yes, please! i didn't get a chance to see the pics, as they were already deleted.
    17. I want to see these pics too... ;__;
    18. The first image, like others in this thread, made me think of Unoa xD;
      I really like the second head it has a nice rounded chin yet still a slim looking face.

      I unfortunately didn't get to see any of her body images as well :[
    19. Darn, if I'd known that their images where hosted on Photobucket, I would have saved some copies of those pictures.
      Stupid Photobucket. :/
      It's a shame too, because the body was really quite lovely. Here's hoping that Spirit Doll either gets the pictures back up, or updates with some new ones. Although, I'm thinking that they may just bring out their line of girl dolls soon.
    20. i love the hands, they look very natural, i am looking forward to when the dolls are finished!