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Spirit Doll Acer, Firson & Camphor

Dec 17, 2009

    1. I am drooling like mad here; the new boys from Spirit Doll, and the sculpture of his new male body is -stunning-! And comes with the... erm... optional parts!! >_< Gah, I wish I had more info about color matching, this has totally caught my eye!
    2. The first boy body was a bit too thin to suit my tastes and that's what kept me from buying a Spirit Doll boy. The way a doll's body looks is important to me too and I don't think I can have endless fun with penis magnets to make up for the looks.
      But now... Wow. If Spirit Doll ever makes these boys in grey resin, I'm sold.

      I like the new boy sculpts too. <3
    3. Like the body too look's really nice ^^
    4. I love the old body, but this new one is just gah! :aheartbea

      *saves monies*
    5. Ah, they did make it a three part-torso! Too bad the neck is so... thin... U_u;;
      I was truly looking forward to this body being ideal for one of my MNMs,
      alas it wasn't meant to be it is a gorgeous sculpt though ...

      - Enzyme
    6. I was hoping the same thing :( alas my Michael Jackson will remain in his box..... It is lovely but yeah a skinny neck...

      *wanders off to Dragondoll* :(
    7. I love the new male body! The new sculpt's look great. I think Firson is my favorite.
    8. Very, very nice sculpting. That back is just... :D The arms look a little short or otherwise awkward in some way, but I'm sure it won't be noticeable in clothes.

      And hurrah for a three part torso and nice-looking knee and elbow joints! I would love to see some owner pics putting him through his posing paces.

      Now, will SpiritDoll NS match Soom NS *goes off to find out*
    9. It looks like there's an extra, 4th piece in the torso - check out the right image in the next-to-last picture.

      But alas, why is it always 70cm these days?! 65cm and below need machismo too!
    10. I have to say I am entirely happy with the 70cm option. I really need a good 70cm body to hybridise with a Soom Lazule head (or my Saint's partner would end up being a tiny little thing) and I am really hoping this might be the one.
    11. Yes, I wonder what’s the deal with the super scrawny necks all these semi/buff guys seem to be stuck
      with all the time? I was afraid that would be the case, since the previews were shown without arms
      and head, making the shoulders and neck seem broader than they truly were.

      I was hoping they would make his butt longer as well, but I think they just made the legs longer now,
      which isn’t necessarily my cup of tea… If only there was a way hybridize that torso… now I’m just thinking out loud… >_<;;;

      - Enzyme

    12. LOL - yeah and DragonDolls hunky bodies neck is too thick.... hmm I'm thinking skinny would be better than too thick - it would be fairly easy to disguise with wig/clothing combinations I think... I can just see in my head how MJ would look with that torso though... :D
    13. Hey Enzyme,

      Do you happen to know if Spirit's resin matches NS minimee? ^^
      I'm also looking for bodies for my minimees XD Thanks!
    14. georgia, it does. I have a whiteskin body from Spirit and Seth minimee, they match - not perfectly, but well enough. Here is a photo:
    15. Wow thanks Radu! :D So to clarify again, WS Spirit body matches NS minimee?
    16. No, they are both whiteskin :) I don't know if NS minimee matches NS spirit.

    17. Nope! Sorry, I don’t own any of their dolls/bodies at all. ^_____^;;;;
      I was for a while stalking their forum with their work-in-progress shots of this body,
      but I truly didn’t even know of their existence, until just a month (?) back. Sorry if I mislead you in anyway. ^ ^;;;

      I’m looking for possible bodies for my Minimees, but seem to always look in the wrong places…

      - Enzyme
    18. NS minimee matches NS Senior Delf which matches NS Spirit Doll. So yes.

    19. Ok thanks Radu :)

      Oh nono, that's ok! You don't mislead me at all Enzyme :)
      Yes, I know what you mean XD It's very hard hunting bodies for minimees XD
      If it's not the resin issues, it's the proportion. If it's not the proportion, it's the resin XD
      Well, currently I'm stick to Raurencio body for now

      Edit: mosaicwolf, Wow thanks for the info! :D I'm clicking it now :)