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Spirit doll Autumn Event & 2nd. ver Proud Girl Body Releasing

Sep 1, 2011

    1. Spirit doll Autumn Event & 2nd. ver Proud Girl Body Releasing

      Dear all,

      Thank you very much for all your continuous support for Spirit doll!

      To celebrate the new release of our 2nd ver Proud Girl body, we would like to start our Autumn Event.

      Event time: September 5th, 2011 – September 20th, 2011
      Event content: When ordering any whole Proud line dolls, you can chose any of the current single head as the free gift. ^^
      Notice: The elegance line and ordering Proud body only is not included in the event.

      We would like to present you the brand new 2nd. ver Proud girl body at the end of this summer. ^^ The joints and body structure was redone with the Proud girl body. ^^ The new Proud girl body now will come with the free legs with high heel feet.

      For detailed pictures please visit http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/236.

      All the rest of the Spirit doll bodies (Proud boy body and Elegance boy and girl bodies) were slightly changed as well to give better posing and joint mobility. The measure measurement of the changed bodies stays the same.
      The Proud Boy body

      For detailed pictures please visit http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/123.

      The Elegance Boy body
      Joint Torso

      Single Torso

      For detailed pictures please visit http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/169. (Joint torso)
      http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/170 (Single torso)

      The Elegance Girl body
      Joint Torso

      Single Torso

      For detailed pictures please visit: http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/182 (Joint torso).
      http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/168 (Single torso)

      Finally, in order to still keep our quality of our products, we are very sorry to announce that we have to bring up the price of the Spirit doll whole dolls and bodies due to the rising cost of the materials and labour force.
      The detailed Price change is as follows:
      Proud boy whole dolls and bodies: + $40
      Proud girl whole dolls and bodies: + $30
      Elegance boy and girl whole dolls and bodies: +$20

      Thank you very much for your time to read the thread. ^^
      Hope you continue to support us. ^^
    2. How gracefully bend new female body!

      Tell me, please, choosing a large and a small bust of the new body is stored?
      Can I get the old body?
      Can I use an old or a new body when buy the whole Proud Girl?
    3. Since the message board is >.> kind of 'slow' . I thought I should ask here . . .

      So . . . We just order any doll (head+body) , get a free event head (of our choosing) , and. . . . put it in the comments ?

      Example : Order Firson get a Jade head as a bonus .

      Edit : Is this event still going ? I don't see anything on the website about this . . .