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SPIRIT doll Christmas Event -- Creating Your Own SPIRIT

Dec 9, 2008

    1. Dear all,

      We would first like to apologize for the breaking down of the English website. It is back now!!!~~~

      And then thank you very much for all your attention and purchasing from the day SPIRIT doll had first started on DOA till the dolls were finally put on sale! And please support us as well in the coming year!

      We would like to introduce our Christmas Event with our best wishes to everyone who loves and has been surporting SPIRIT doll! ^0^

      [ Event period ]

      10th Dec, 2008 ~ 10th Jan,2009 (World wide time ~~ until the last one enters 11th Jan ^_^)

      [ Event ]

      Free gift once you order a whole doll: The SPIRIT Raw Head

      The SPIRIT Raw Head is a roughly shaped head so that you can sculp it in your own with to creat the unique head of your own. Please notice that the eyes of the raw head are not opened.

      PS: the free shoes gift (random shoes) for the first 100 customer is still effecting. So you whill get both the head and the shoes as gifts in the event period. ^_^

      [ Order ]

      All the orders placed during this period please also specify the skin color of the SPIRIT Raw Head (white or normal skin is available).

      Hope you all enjoy the process of creating your own SPIRIT head! :)

      SPIRIT DOLL:lol:
    2. Are there pictures of the Raw head?