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Spirit doll New boys and 2nd ver. male body released.

Dec 17, 2009

    1. Dear all,

      The three New Spirit doll boys and the 2nd version of male body are now released.

      Three New boys:







      The 2nd version of Spirit doll male body:



      For more details, please visit our website.

      Thank you very much for looking and all your support!:D
    2. Can I order new body with an old head ? (such as Echium head)
      and will the old heads fit together with new body ?

      Thank you
    3. can we have better pictures of the heads? (without makeup)
    4. Would the old outfits fit new bodies? I suppose no... so will new outfits be sewed for the new body?
    5. hello, can i request more closeup pictures of elbow and knee joints (when bending)? and also more poses...
    6. Tosh > there are pics of the heads without make-up in the "parts" section.
    7. ummmm...I want to see more pics your new body -*-.
    8. Will the skin type match any other company's?
    9. *A* the body looks great!!
      is the tan by any chance close to that of volk's sunlight version? =3=