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Spirit Imprint - CrowBlackJay - Tinies

Aug 13, 2017

    1. Hello!
      I invite all owners and interested people in the topic to discuss "She is a Dragon" anthro doll.
      And the rest of the future tiny dolls that will be on topic here.

      I will be happy to see how the dragons settled in their homes and will gladly answer questions.
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    2. I am loving seeing owner's posts of their new dragons! thanks for the links. I can't wait to see more and hear about how people like their dragons.
    3. Here are some photos of my girl! Her name is Ysolda, and she is a kobold to my Soom Arkose. I haven't actually taken any photos of them together yet. I haven't even had them in the same room yet, lol. Shame on me.

      I will say that I did her sueding myself, and it is something that is definitely needed, as her resin is incredible quality and super smooth. It wasn't hard to do and I didn't even have to take her apart to do it.

      She is a Dragon
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    4. Holy **** I'm sold. I was going back and forth on ordering because it's a big decision but these are some of the posing photos I needed to see! Thank you for sharing!
    5. Yey a dragon thread! I can't wait to get my girl, I'm going to name her Tia, it's one of my many nicknames I have collected over the years.
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    6. :D A dragon thread! :dance:dance

      I have not thought of a name for my dragon yet, It'll come to me. :D
    7. Yay dragon thread!

      I've been sooooo excited for this preorder! I still have no idea what to name mine though... I got one in white, I'm hoping to do a bit of subtle iridescent/mother of pearl blushing... maybe some gold accents <3

      I'm so excited to see what other people do with their dragons! :D
    8. @mokarran I got a white one too! Her temporary name is Kestrel. I don't have any plans for her because I have a feeling she is going to tell me exactly what's what when she gets here.
    9. I'm so glad this was helpful to you! You won't regret getting her, I promise! As for the posing, it's incredible, but you really do need to do the sueding. You can choose to have it done for you (I don't think it's that expensive), or do it yourself. I didn't mind doing it myself as I own a lot of fantasy dolls and am use to taking them apart for just changing clothes. Plus I love working on my dolls myself, helps me to bond with them better. But for this one, I didn't actually have to take her apart. I used the band aid tape you can find at most places. Got mine from WalMart. CrowBlackJay was lovely enough to send my a PSD of the template she used to do the sueding, so I just printed it out and traced and cut out all the pieces. Then by just pulling joints apart, I was able to apply all of the sueding pieces without taking her apart. I had never used this stuff before and it is amazing. I have tons left over, so I'll probably be using it on other dolls.
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    10. I really love these photos and how the sueding came out! Thank you for sharing them! :D
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    11. No problem! I was happy to share them. I love this girl so much. She's come to work with me so many times, lol.
    12. I ordered her with the sueding! My job means I have very little time to spend with my dolls, so I feel like if sueding was left up to me, it would never get done. I'm very glad it was an option! (Unfortunately I don't know the kind of tape you mean, and being in the UK, I don't have access to Walmart. That sounds pretty cool though! I ordinarily use hot glue, but obviously it's better to take the doll apart for that.)

      I'm excited, she's so beautiful, and she's going to fit right in with some of my crew!
    13. >.> Apparently i've been doing hot glue sueding wrong then? xD I've always done it with my dolls together, Always works wonderfully that way for me. :3

      Though, back to the topic!

      That ash grey was a very lovely color! :O I can't waittt~ Im so excited!
    14. Haha, I wasn't implying that it was wrong! Just that there's less room for error and more room for precision if you take the doll apart first. Especially on tinies, I wouldn't like to try and get the nozzle of my hot glue gun in some of their joints, it'd backfire (especially on my Iplehouse Cat for example, though at least hot glue is so easily removeable!).
    15. I'd been holding off posting pictures here until I knew she was approved but I can say I am over the moon for my girl :). I named her Bhavini and she travels around the house with me just about everywhere. When she's not exploring she lives on my bookshelf and hoards things as dragons do. Some of my favorite pictures of her are as follows:

      Starting a hoard

      Guarding treasure


      Smell the flowers

      She's incredibly expressive and a joy to photograph! Congrats to the people getting their first dragons!
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    16. Depending on what doll I'm hot glue sueding depends on if I take them apart or not, lol. I typically don't have to. And Psycofox, the blue resin is lovely! I was so tempted to get mine in blue because it looked so good, but it didn't fit for her character. It was between white or grey. Her character digs and tunnels, and the dragon she is in service too is a bone dragon, so it was between grey and white for me. Although that purple is so tempting because my bone dragon is actually a Soom Arkose and in the light violet color!
    17. @Psycofox thank you for the pics. Owner pics seem a little scarce for this lovely sculpt. I plan on taking a ton of photos when mine arrives, and can't wait to see everyone else's!
    18. Dear lord this doll is the grail of all grails for me <3 if I hadn't just started college I would be jumping at the optotunity to buy her....instead I am left sitting here screaming with envy Someday she will be mine.
    19. Following. I need a blue one. But I'll have one or more, someday!