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SPIRITDOLL boys Thorn, Echium, Abies and Cycas

Sep 23, 2008

    1. Somebody ask me about SPIRIT's dolls.
      Since i figured out there was no thread for them, so i think it will be nice to open a one.

      SPIRIT only has 71.5cm's dolls. Yes, they are not 70cm.
      They say they are not planning to have other size's dolls in a moment.
      and the skin color is close to Dollzone's.

      The dolls are named 荆棘(Thorn), 青檀(Echium), 冷沙(Abies) and 重栾(Cycas). here's the link for each one


      Here is the 71.5cm boy body, it fits V-SD17(I'm not so sure about this one), luts SSD (I'm sure about this lol)

      The legs of the body are amazing.
      They had a discount group in China which ends two weeks ago for special color body for 08'man head. So I'm sure it fits SSD

      I heard somebody said that they are gonna open their Eng site soon.
      And, yes, they are preparing it. Hopefully, we will see it soom.
    2. Interesting boys.

      Looks alot to me like a couple of those boys were inspired by Dollshe sculpts of Bermann and Husky, and one of em looks alot like a softer version of Unidoll Jace.

      I am NOT in any way saying they are copies, but there are strong resemblances.

      What does 1760 yen translate to in $$? Anybody know?
    3. around 300 or less.
      U mean Cycas looks like a softer version of Jace?
      Well, I don think so~ but anyway,
      jus like ppl say Dahila looks like cian's sister while i think she looks like flood's
      different ppl have different view.
      But Thorn doesn't looks like any of those lol
      cos he inspired by a Chinese Transitional opera called Glove puppetry.
    4. :aeyepop: I've been dying to see when these boys were going to be available:sumomo: Thank you so much for posting this, I'd love to get one of them right now but I don't have the money, but hopefully before the year is through:D
    5. I have one ordered (via a Chinese Shopping Service) and it's suppose to arrive next week (or the one after). So I'll have pictures soon. The end 'cost' for me with the shipping and shopping service fee of 15% was about $630 (Blank doll and bag). So your looking at about $540 without a shopping service. I just hope it's worth it.

    6. I really want to order one (I'm a huge fan of Abies), but I want to see some pictures of the ones once they arrive. Vampireanneke, I'd love to see a picture when your doll gets to you!
    7. If you look in the Artist's subforum of the Workshop you'll find Spirit's work-in-progress pics and original concept drawings. That thread was locked by a mod when they went up for sale. It's pretty obvious from those images that these are all original dolls. :)

      I'm rather fond of Echium. :aheartbea
    8. I'd like Thorn. I think he resembles Husky a bit, but not as a copy, more like just similar style of expression (which is why I like him best, I love Husky). Cycas to me also somewhat resembles the old-style Bishonen House sculpts.

      By the way, I hope I don't have to start qualifying "I don't mean copying" every time I say "this sculpt resembles that" on the boards. I think a lot of dolls out there look sort of alike anyway due to Asian BJD style aesthetics.

      Edited to add, Please let us know when they decide to open an English site and what the prices are going to be. I would really love to buy a Thorn. Maybe even a fullset Thorn depending on how much is charged for his clothes and things.
    9. Thorn and Echium both intrigue me greatly. :D And I need a body for my '08 Man head... oh dear there goes my monies again.
    10. yep, yep, me n my friends call it personal "killing" part.
    11. It is generally hard to say what somebody means on the internets when you can't hear inflection. I don't assume people mean to insinuate copying when they draw comparisons but other people will read between the lines even when there's nothing there.

      I do think it's worth going to the thread in the Artist's subforum to see the drawings! They're cool. :thumbup

      Wow! I don't know how I missed that! Funny to see the juxtaposition of the optional parts with that somber, sulky face. :XD:
    12. agree, do you have the link that all ppl can see?
      cos i only got the link for the sky's one :sweat
    13. oh are they for sale now? i'm dying for thorn, but i'll have to wait blah. *stares down at layaway land*
    14. oh wow... I'd certainly watch out for this company.

      First Raurencio, then Dream Realm, now Spirit! i'm excited these companies are taking courage and opening their doors to the international public! i'm very happy for them ^o^! (and it's a fresh air from those old established doll companies too! more varied molds to choose from!

      it would also be nice if in the future they could actually shake up those established companies a bit haha)

      Please keep us posted on the activities of these companies! Specially when they make the payment easier for us international people^^;;; (because i'll surely support them!)
    15. Sorry I didn't include it before! [thread=228466]Here you go.[/thread]

      (edit: Not really a needed link now that the website has been added to the first post)
    16. Maybe that's why I'm so in love with that sculpt! I knew there was something I really liked about him. I *heart* his mouth so much it isn't even funny. He's awesome, one of those guys who has a big mouth and shouldn't be attractive but is.

      Oh, and about the optional penis parts? If I wasn't completely sold on these guys before, I am now. I so need a 71 doll with an interchangeable penis. XD (and, uh...I'm *cough* impressed. I think these guys give Dollshes a run for their money.)
      Gah, now I'm gonna have to start saving my pennies (and nickels, and dimes...and next three paychecks XP) so I can get a Cycas.
    17. Does anybody know if they will be making an English site? I think I'd be more comfortable with that. *crosses fingers and hopes*

      I have completely fallen in love with Abies now. I must have him.
    18. Oh, I found more pics in their website where it says "圖片"

      and for the first page, when you click on the dolls,

      they show you the design pic for them, it was awesome~
    19. I asked my friend, she said she haven't heard anything about it

      but, she thinks they will get one after the finished their Chinese site.