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Update Spiritdoll Changes to Male "Proud" Line

Nov 11, 2009

    1. I haven't seen this here yet, so... It looks like Spiritdoll is revamping their male lineup! Abies and Echium will be discontinued, new head molds added, and the current male body replaced.

      Here is the notice from Spiritdoll:

      【Notice】The discontinuation of Abies and Echium heads and the replacement of current male body
      2009-11-9 21:36:48

      Dear Customers,

      We are planning to release several new heads and the new version of male body in the Christmas event.

      After the 2010 new year, Abies head and Echium head will be discontinued. and the current male body will be replace by the new male body. (This means after the new year, all Spirit male dolls will come with the new body version.)

      For the customers who already own Abies or Echium heads, if your doll's head is damaged, and you would like to have a replacement of the damaged head, you can still request the replacement head by emailing to sakuraiyu@hotmail.com.

      Thank you very much for all your suport for Spiritdoll.


      You can find pictures of the in-progress body at Spiritdoll's forum, here.