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Spiritdoll - Elegance line - 58cm girls & 61cm boys!

Jul 4, 2010

    1. so I check the Spiritdoll Website to find that they're in the process of making a new 58-61 cm. line, called 'Elegance'. It's the most recent post of the notification board, and the faces look quite nice! The bodies are also much more youthful and less muscle-y. I love it! :D
    2. I agree -- they look beautiful. And if they pose as nicely as the proud bodies . . . uh-oh.
    3. Here's the link that was posted in the News thread:


      I've been meaning to pick up on of the 70cm girl bodies for one of my floating heads but uh-oh is right! I really like the look of these new bodies! The sculpting is lovely and subtle and the fact that they are making a single piece boy torso is great, he should be able to sit up nicely with the way the engineer the upper thigh. Love it!
    4. I'm impressed with the new bodies they have planned--so pretty! I can't wait to see what the dolls will look like finished. :)
    5. I am liking the boy body!! I especially like that even though the sculpt is not different, the jointed torso looks a little more mature than the single piece. And I like both. The muscle tone is very subtle and beautiful, a nice lean average boy, not too skinny or with exaggerated musculature or anything. Just right! :D:D I can't wait to see the girl body in resin! Another great hybrid option I think.

      The heads I think are a little immature for my taste. I'm not really a fan of heads in general that have the large foreheads with the features all bunched up below. But they could be better looking in resin, so I will reserve judgement until then. :)
    6. I'm liking the new bodies a lot. The male more than the female, though it is definitely more finished at a glance. (The girl's backside looks a bit quirky to me as yet.)
    7. I love my 65cm Spiritdoll girl body, so I'm really wanting one of these smaller ones. I'm not a fan of the heads so far, but I have plenty of floating heads here that could use a body! XD
    8. after looking on the new sculpt for the body of the boy, I start to think of getting one for my floating head :)
    9. I was so happy to see these news! I love both bodies so far! I am pretty sure the female body will look just as great in resin.
      Just like some of you I am not as sure about the heads though. They look a little too average if you know what I mean. There is nothing that calls out to you. But I will make up my mind about them after they are released. It took me a while to warm up to some of their other sculpts, one of which I have on the way. :)
    10. They are super gorgeous male body !!! I am definitely gonna get one once they are released and if I get the fund. One piece torso of a 62 cm body is my DREAM! Hope they will sell the bodies separately
    11. Oh wow, that no joint torso body is beautiful! I love how lean and subtle the detailing is. Oh man, methinks I am going to need to get one when they are released. I am not a fan of larger and larger dolls, so it is always nice to see a company do excellent new work on the 60cm size. I actually really like the prototype head #4 so far. It's got a very dreamy, pouty look I am responding well too. I've never been a fan of any of their other heads, but depending on the final look, I'd think about getting that one.
    12. I really love the way this new body looks! I may be interested if the new heads look great too!
    13. I'm so happy to see a smaller doll from Spirit, I love their big dolls but they are so, well, big! ^^; The new boy body looks wonderful, slim but not skinny or childlike -- looks like a great teenage body. Can't wait to see the girl!
    14. The bodies are really great, I like how detailed they are.
      The boy is a little too skinny for me but the girl - whoa! :aheartbea I just love how natural her breasts look, not just two balloons slaped somewhere on the chest.
    15. Love that jointed body!! :D Definitely getting one! I hope that the 70cm heads are compatible as I want a camphor as well but not at the size.
    16. The bodies remind me very much of the dollstown sculpts
    17. Funny you'd mention that, the sculptor for Spiritdoll is a great admirer of Dollstown! You can see the influence in the classical sculpting and attention to natural lines.

      I'm feeling a strong need to throw some money in Spiritdoll's direction. Maybe it's time! And then I can support them again later on when these new doll types are relased. Though it looks like the boy body is nearly complete. ^__^
    18. I really love this boy body!
      Sure I will get one later for my floating head!!
    19. Maybe it's just my preference (and this is not to diss anyone who likes slim dolls XD; ), but they look anorexic to me. D: Especially the male model.
    20. I'm *really* excited about this. It's been a long time since a doll under 65cm caught my attention. I love how subtle it is. Not overly muscled but not too boyish either. Based on the measurements from the news post, his shoulders are still pretty broad. *_* I have a feeling my Cuprit is getting a short body.