Spiritdoll general discussion thread

Nov 10, 2012

    1. :D I thought it would be good to start a thread here, since I saw none discussion on these lovely dolls.

      I am really in love with Celtis and Jasmine.:D:D

      Start saving!:D
    2. I love Celtis too! He really intrigues me, and I love his photo set.
    3. Since I first knew about this company I fell in love with their bodies ♥ but not so much with the heads.
      I love where they are going with these new sculpts, especially the elegance boy and girl!
    4. I posted and asked if they are planning to sell the head separately for Atropa. She is really lovely. I'll be buying her head if she's available separately. I've already got a spiritdoll gal so don't want the full body. I really like Celtis as well, but I've got the original Abies head and I love it so tough to get another head to put on that body.
    5. I think there are separate threads for the herculean/elegance/etc. lines so not all these new dolls would be in one discussion thread.

      Anyway I'm totally in love with Morus. Like HobbySue said, if they sell the heads separately he has to come home :D
    6. New dolls have a very great impression on me. Morus and Jasmine are very beautiful~~~
    7. So in love with Celtis..~ I wouldn't have thought that Spirit will surprise so nicely~
    8. Gosh the Morus/Jasmine sculpt is amazing looking! I may just have to edit my doll wishlist! :D I'm really pleased with Spiritdoll's new sculpts altogether, but Morus is by far my favorite. I do wanna see blank pictures of him before I switch around my wishlist, however!

      I feel that Spiritdoll has come a long way in their sculpting as well. I remember when Spiritdoll first came around, and I feel an odd sense of pride with their sculpting improvement. xD I mean their bodies were always lovely, but their heads have improved so much.

      EDIT: Just checked now and they have blank pictures released of all the new dolls!
    9. I love the new dolls too!! And I agree, Celtis is hawt :aheartbea
      I have put my eyes on the Herculean body ever since Cedar was released as well.
    10. I quite like these new dolls particularly Morus and Celtis. Celtis' photo sets are interesting too.
    11. I am definitely adding Celtis to my wishlist and he will probably be 2013 doll :)
    12. Spiritdoll has a 75cm Alice up!
    13. Alice is delightful! Another new girl big enough to be a companion for Lusion Dahlia.
    14. She already up since November though!
      The face looks strange to me but I do like her body, I hope Spiritdoll will release some basic versions of the 1/2 doll soon. :)
    15. I think it's the faceup. The blank doll looks cute.
    16. I love Alice so much!Hope to see more 1/2 dolls.
    17. I have book marked their site and am interested in the 1/2 doll Alice to be a companion for my Dahlia's. They do a layaway but only up to 3 months which is tough for such an expensive doll as Alice. I also did some research to find a USA dealer. Can't find one. Perhaps I will ask if they will do an extended layaway on Alice.
    18. I had read on their board this comment, "Hello, thank you very much for your interest in our 1/2 girl doll. ^^ It will become a doll line later this year, and the body will be released separately. ^^"
    19. Thanks Morelle, that's super helpful!
    20. Waiting for my buyers to receive their dolls before I take that Alice plunge. But I'm pretty sure I will get her since she's all I can think of. I will get her blank. Alice currently comes with that option of getting her with a factory face up or blank. She also comes with her default wig, eyes and outstanding ensemble. The Alice sculpt will be sold as another doll later this year. Don't know if SpiritDoll will still call her Alice or not. But they have mentioned that there will be a price difference. Lower, perhaps? Would very much like to see Alice compared to Lusion.