Spiritdoll general discussion thread

Nov 10, 2012

    1. @Prinsessen Thank you for updating me. I feel better already and will try to continue to be patient. I'm so excited for your girl to arrive!!!! May she fly through customs. :D
    2. @RedYume It is no problem :D
      She has arrived now and with no custom fees. Guess she just took a visit to the custom guys and went “nah, not gonna happen”.
      She arrived with a broken ankle, so I wrote to Spiritdoll to ask for a replacement and they wrote back and promised to make a new part.
    3. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew if Spiritdoll and Dollmore were a resin match? I know they can do resin matching, but I would be wry to send even a part so far away. I just love their fantasy body so much and would love to hybrid it. C:
    4. Someone in another thread got a paint color chip that matched her doll and sent that instead of a part. It's much cheaper to mail also!

      The white skins might match but both of my samples are a few years old. It would be a couple days before I could compare them. Maybe someone else can help sooner. .
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    5. I think I saw in an older thread white skin could match with Dollmore. And I've looked at resin photos to try and compare them best I can. And they do seem like they would match. I'm not in a hurry to find out. I would not mind waiting a few days to get comparison pics at all!
      Thank you so much!
    6. OK, I will try to get a comparison, Alice would like to get out of the closet!
    7. Has anyone here ordered from Spiritdoll's taobao shop via an agent? :) I know that some shops won't sell to agents but couldn't find anything confirming whether or not Spiritdoll does.
    8. After waiting a couple of months to decide if I really liked her, I took the plunge and ordered Physalia with her pretty skull face and ordered the skeleton hands from AOD to match it with her :)

      I really wish she was a full skeleton but this is also good. I laughed quite a bit looking at her in her full set with the skull face and ample cleavage XD

      Im trying to not think much. I know the wait is long but maybe she will arrive just in time for my birthday next january

      Did anyone else order her also?
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    9. @GreenTeaSlug Congrats! I didn't get her, but I really like her skull face, but I also wished the body was more skelety than just a normal body.
      Maybe, if you are lucky she will arrive before your birthday. My Little Mermaid took just over 8 months before she shipped.
    10. Yes, via TaobaoRing. No dolls, but clothes. Atm I am waiting for an outfit. Spirits own shipping costs to Europe are so high that ordering via Taobao is much much cheaper. Also they use Airmail (with smaller things), which further reduces costs enormously. I would always prefer ordering via Taobao now.
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    11. thank you, that's super helpful. I'm thinking I might give ordering through Taobao a go.
    12. Just a heads up/update on my spirit doll order. I ordered in December, paid off my layaway in January- approximately 1 month later. Waited several months for a ship notice (because these things take time). I asked about a ship date end of April, no reply. Asked again in May- no reply. Asked a few days ago by sending an email, a Facebook message, and posting to their website.

      I'm VERY glad I checked again. The reply was that their records showed I still owed $299 on my order. I received no notice and had I not checked, they wouldn't have ever shipped.

      I had to go dig through all my PayPal transactions to PROVE my layaway was paid off and had been paid off since January. If you are waiting for orders, I highly suggest you check on them. I tried the "patience" approach and have come to realize, they don't keep very good records. I may not have ever gotten my order and they would have gladly kept my money (which is a hefty four digit sum) without any notice of what they thought I still owed.

      We'll see how it plays out, but I can't believe how incredibly disappointed I am in their lack of communication, despite my repeated attempts to ask for updates and extremely communicative emails about payments I made, when I made them.
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    13. I had a pretty similar experience as well, with spiritdoll "losing" my payments which ended up delaying my doll being shipped. Definitely try to keep in contact with them if you have a layaway, whether it's "completed" or still active.

      Just to put in that @RedYume 's experience wasn't an isolated one
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    14. That sounds awful! I never bought by layaway from Spiritdoll, so I have no experience with it. Does Spiritdoll not send an email to confirm every payment?
    15. @Prinsessen They do not confirm anything. After you send payment, YOU confirm It. Which I did, each time. It also seems the burden of proof is also on the buyer if it comes up that money is still owed, when it's been paid. If I ever buy from them again, I think it'll have to be full payment up front. Then again, there's nothing to say they can't lose my whole purchase payment.

      It is rather disappointing that this doesn't seem to be a completely isolated incident. I've got some Dolce heads that need bodies, lol. Not a lot of those floating on the second hand market.
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    16. Yup, when my payments were "lost" I had sent emails to confirm them and they still ended up saying "You still owe 235$" and I had to track back through paypal and my emails to prove I sent them and confirmed them
      I'll definitely never do another layaway through them, either. I'll pay in full, but not another layaway. It's easier to prove a full payment than it was to prove a few separate ones.
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    17. You could always order through a dealer instead

      I wasnt satisfied with getting an answer from them so I went through a dealer instead and Im very happy I did

      I only know that SD is difficult to deal with because I read about someone getting a different skin color doll from what they ordered and they wanted the person to cover the shipping for them to fix their mistake

      I wish the feedback on service / product forum was updated, there is nothing about the difficult service or mistakes there, you have to comb through the threads here or search it on social media :(
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    18. @NamelessPierrot That is exactly what I'll be doing in the future, if I order from them again.

      @GreenTeaSlug I've peeked around for dealers for them. Do you know if any off the top of your head? That may be a far better option.

      I just hope the order comes through safely and correctly.
    19. Legenddoll sells SD
    20. @hannaliten Thank you! I'm going to go check that out for next time.