Spiritdoll general discussion thread

Nov 10, 2012

    1. @RedYume Yes legenddoll :)

      Erica is very nice and she has excellent communication and accepts requests if you ask for it

      Plus she speaks the language and has perfect english language so there is no language barrier or trouble for your order if anything comes wrong, she fixes before sending out

      You are in good hands with Erica
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    2. So much this ^^^ I’ve ordered 5 or 6 dolls and tons of clothing from Legenddoll and I love Erica. Her responses are always super quick and there is never a language barrier. One of the best in the hobby, for sure.
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    3. Thanks guys!! Next Dolce is going through her. I feel like I'm better hands already, lol!!
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    4. Oooh who are you getting?
    5. I have a Spiritdoll Brume, Michelia, and a Campsis that need bodies. I like the big guys. :D
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    6. @RedYume I did a few layaways with Spiritdoll in the past and I had no issues with any of them, but I must confess I would feel a bit uneasy to do a new one after reading your recent experiences. I personally suggest Jeeryama as dealer. Christina in really nice, very easy to work with and also offers free shipping for almost every country in the world, which is super convenient).
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    7. @EchoUndine - Jeeryama? That sounds so familiar. Is she also the official Dollmore dealer on eBay?
      I knew going in that Spirit Doll was known for hit or miss communication, but most of the reviews were also positive in their experience. Mostly, "Didn't get a response unless it was urgent/super important. But my order arrived safely and in a timely manner." Which was why I didn't check up on my own order in a more pushy way. I assumed... Communication sucks, but they're good at what they do. Patience will be rewarded.
      Next time, I'll absolutely go through a dealer.
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    8. Just wanted to give another update. July came and went, we are speeding through August and no ship notice or arrival. I emailed Spirit Doll and was given a apology and a promise that shipment would happen within the week.

      A week has come and gone... Closing in on two- no notice, no emails, no updates, and no changes to my order on the website.

      It isn't a matter of having to wait. I get having to wait... But waiting, then checking in to find they magically didn't think I paid (hence the delay), having to prove I paid (unprofessional doesn't even begin to describe it), and then waiting nearly two more months, checking again.... Being told a week, then.... More radio silence after a week passes.

      The whole situation has rather killed by excitement about getting a doll ice wanted for a really, really long time. :(

      Rant and update over.
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    9. Sorry you are having to go through that ! life is stressful enough with out things like this.
    10. Hopefully all the problems will fade away when the doll arrives.
    11. funny how that is actually true most of the time!
    12. All the problems RedYume has had are making me think twice, but...

      Does anyone know if Proud heads fit on Elegance bodies? I'm having an awful time searching, both on DoA and elsewhere, which makes me think it isn't as common as, say, Iplehouse EID heads on SID bodies.
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    13. I think they do. I have an elegance girl and her head is pretty big.
    14. I asked Spiritdoll, and for the record, their official answer is "the Proud heads are too big for the Elegance body.^^;"

      They have the same neck size, so my guess is that they mean scale-wise.
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    15. Their new 65 body looks amazing! Planning to get one because I love his body shape:love
    16. @AChung I totally agree with you! I'm planning to get a Grace body for one of my incoming head. :)
    17. So has
      Did your order ever pan out? Did your items eventually arrive?

      I'm curious since Spiritdoll often does bonuses or sales for the holiday season, and I am wondering if ordering is still something that is alright to do. Considering going through taobaoring after reading all of the comments in the thread.
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    18. I'm interested in the answer, too. From teasers on SNS, it looks like there's going to be an SD-size bunny head for (part of?) this year's winter event. I've pretty much talked myself into ordering my Olea, and I was waiting to see what the event specifics will be.

      But I'm still a bit worried about when/if she would arrive, considering...
    19. I found the bunny head on Facebook. It's tempting!
    20. SpiritDoll Olea
      Hello to all!
      Recently acquired a head ...
      I Praise! :3nodding:

      [​IMG]DSC00417 by Katushka Nitok, on Flickr
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