Spiritdoll Healing MSD

Feb 22, 2017

    1. The 'Catnip' doll is on my wish list (awaiting funds!) and I couldn't find anything about the 'Healing' line of Spirit doll. In fact, there's not much posted about Spirit Doll in general except that fact that their communication is almost nil. Can anyone weigh in on the 'Healing' line? I'm wondering if I should rethink my wish list....
    2. Healing line wasn't released that long ago. Its probably just that very few people have received these dolls yet.

      Do they have a rep for bad communication?:?I'm waiting on an order from spiritdoll and I've emailed them twice since then, they've always responded within 48 hours.
    3. I almost got Catnip as well. That is one of the sweetest faces I've seen on a doll. I think I will get her in the future. I know last week they were out for an emergency, I marked it on my calendar incase I wanted to order the doll.
    4. Catnip is the one that stole my heart as well! So if they are out for an emergency, does that mean you can't place orders right now? Not that I have the funds ready....but am just curious.
    5. I think they were slated to be back on the 18th so you can always try to place an order or contact if you have questions. Wouldn't hurt to try.
    6. Thanks for getting back to me with the info!
    7. Not a problem at all.
    8. Catnip is the one who stolen our heart at first sight, too! Especially healing body is really similar to Dolce line but smaller. We have been looking for her information but still not much that we got so far, have to wait until seeing more of her before order.
    9. I just found this thread! I have Basil! I need to get pictures!
    10. Does anyone have a Myou and a Spiritdoll that could do comparison shots at all? I'm trying to figure out their porportions compared to the Myou girls, cos I was thinking of doing a hybrid.
    11. I do. I have 40 and 42 cm Myou's and a Healing boy Basil. It will be next week before I can do a comparison picture.
    12. Thank you again so much for all your comparison photos you do. They are always appreciated.
    13. I know this is an old thread, but I’d love to see a comparison of the Myou and Healing bodies. I’m trying to decide between the two!
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    14. Do you still happen to have these dolls Nancy? I'd be interested in seeing pics of them together.
    15. I do! Sorry for the delay. My disabled husband keeps find other projects for me but I will try to get a picture!
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    16. @Cloudedmind Here is the comparison of Xaga MiCoco, Myou Loretta, Myou Mousee and Spiritdoll Basil: