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Spiritdoll Herculean Line Discussion

Nov 4, 2011

    1. I saw this and had a mini heart attack. Super tall muscled manthing? Do want. Do want a Lot. Can anyone read this? Know what's being discussed? How tall IS he? I am excited over the idea of him. So very excited. Especially if the neck fits other 70cm style heads. If I should stick S.Adamas on that body I'd be one happy camper.

    2. With that skinny neck top, he definitely looks like he's meant to fit existing heads. Not my thing at all (creepy thigh veins! O__o), but it looks pretty well done. Slap the page into Google Translate, I'm sure there will be some sense in there somewhere. :)
    3. Google translate is our friend XD

      "Strong friends uncle's body was finally completed - gray version of the body, not molds.
      Because it was gray version, blue veins must do more obvious, after the molds will have losses, so the finished product would not be so obvious friends ~
      There is a small part of the need to change, but the kind of friends - so

      I do love Spiritdoll bodies - and this one looks especially yummy!
    4. That is a cool body. It looks FREAKISHLY tall though. oAo If that's it standing next to a Proud, hdsgdfgd!
    5. Yeah, he's standing next to a proud body. They've gotta be close to 80cm with a head on. I Like the idea of having a muscled man who's extremely tall.
      I hope this gets release soonish! Even if I can't afford it right now I want to see everyone Else buying it first. XD
      and thanky ou all for the translation!
    6. Yeah, I assumed the veining was more prominent because it was a master mold. Also looks like he's packing himself some "optional parts" as well, like the Proud.

      But holy, without the head he's 70 cm tall!
    7. Wow, yeah, on second glance that is a really huge body! :o
      I wonder if that neck would be too short for a Mecha Angel head....and other expensive thoughts I don't need to be having. :doh
    8. To me it looks like he will be IDealian or DSAM32 tall (around 74cm?). I was gonna get a Proud body for a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) head that I have lying around, but this new herculean body looks just PERFECT. I can't wait to see it released ^^

      I'm pretty used to seeing veins in dolls (EID model anyone?) so I wasn't freaked out.
    9. Carmen I think he's going to be bigger than 74cm. The doll he's standing next to is the proud line and aren't they 70cm already? I'd guess closer to 75cm + but than how big are spiritdoll heads? o.o
    10. Now that is one hot body!! The detail is very nice indeed, will it come with 3 option parts as well?;)
    11. Herculean, indeed. With that size, I can only imagine how difficult it will be to find clothes that fit.... I'm already itching to know his exact measurements.

      I wonder if they'll release any new heads to go along with the new body, or if they'll just stick with the Proud sized heads for now?
    12. Love the detail. Loooove it. But honestly, I don't think I'd know what to do with a boy that big. However, a good friend of mine who's looking into the hobby is looking for a doll that is more on the buff side, and I may have to show her this body to see what she thinks.
    13. I have a pirate character who is six foot seven and I am silly happy to make him come to life now. XD If the body was thicker in the middle he'd be my Other giant axe wielding warrior man if I could find the right sculpt for an older not handsome man. XD
      Needless to say I am loving the height and girth and over all awesome.
    14. My gosh O_o I have a proud body, and those are pretty big. This body must be massive!

      The first thing I thought when I saw this was "If only the clay was green, it would look like a proud doll morphing into the Incredible Hulk." XD
    15. Ooo~ Gonna be released soon! And it looks like he will tower over the rest of my crew if I get him ^^;

      Height: 75CM
      Shoulder Width: 17CM
      Bust: 37CM
      Waist: 30CM
      Arm length: 24CM
      Hips: 36CM
      Length: 44CM
      Arm circumference: 13.5CM
      Thigh: 20.5CM
      Foot length: 9.5CM

      Can't wait for the final shots of him :D
    16. Woa, 75cm! Finally a doll that will be taller tham my Dollshe DSAM o.o Dunno if I want that??
    17. Wow, the body looks really good in finished resin form: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_555460ea0100wd0v.html

      The smaller head gives him some of the same impression of realistic proportions as the Iplehouse EIDs and Soom Idealians, I feel. But perhaps with a more hybrid-friendly neck size? *hopeful*
    18. I had to clean up my keyboard just now, that is one hot body!! ;)
    19. Wow!!! I love it!!!!!
    20. Oh holy crap. That body is absolutely perfect for a character of mine. WANT. :drool

      Of course, the head I'd want to put on it likely wouldn't look proportionate. ...Or would it? *plots*