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Spiritdoll new 1/3 size~ Coming this summer!

Jul 4, 2010

    1. New Spiritdolls!

      I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to give away, but since some teasers been posted in the Spiritdoll bbs, I'm guessing it's okay for me to share the link:

      Spiritdoll will be releasing their Elegance (60cm) line this summer. There are a total of 4 heads (currently, the teasers only show the clay work-in-progress heads) that can be either boys or girls. Furthermore, there are 2 types of boy bodies, one with 3 torso joints and the other with a one piece torso.

      The measurement of the boy body:
      Total height:61.5cm
      Girth of the head:23cm
      Girth of the neck:10cm
      Width of the shoulder:14cm
      Length of the arm:18cm
      Girth of the chest:25.5cm
      Girth of the waist:22cm
      Girth of the hips:26cm
      Length from the should to hips:15cm
      Girth of the thigh:15cm
      Girth of the leg:11cm
      Length from the bellybutton to foot:37cm
      Length of the feet:8cm

      The girl body is still pending.

      Hope everyone looks forward to the release!


      Please note, I am not affiliated with Spiritdoll and cannot give any more information on when the dolls will be released. After they are, I can, however, accept photo requests of them. They're really beautiful :D
    2. Discussion already starting here
    3. There's an update on their news and forum along with pictures of the new heads and bodies and they're totally awesome! This is really an update on their site- since they already have a link dedicated to 1/3 dolls- they are working on developing them. The bodies are not as elaborate as the proud- but their still really pretty.