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Spiritdoll - The Dark Wonderland

Nov 8, 2010

    1. News thread here.

      I took one look at stayne and fell absolutely in love! Is anyone else anticipating this? They're offering that really great deal of buying a doll and getting a free pair of jointed hands too..I'm pretty much done for.

      The red queen looks really amazing too. Spirit just keeps outdoing itself! I hope the artwork translates well into the doll form <3

      Anyone else pumped up for this?
    2. I'm quite fond with the queen, weirdly i'm not impressed from the male character....and all this Christmas event simply kiling me softly...
    3. the Red Queen really really catch my attention,she looks a bit fetish,that is a style that i personally love it,still i wish to see some promo pics,but from the sketch seems promising!
    4. i think i could die if she comes with the same costum as drawn..wow!
    5. Ahh, yeah, I fell for Stayne as well! xD I will have to wait for pics of the actual doll, of course, but if he looks like that drawing he is so mine! *heh* I have wanted a Spiritdoll for ages, but none of them has managed to toss me over into the 'must have now' category before now. I am very glad they take layaway. LOL
    6. Oh, I know that if the bunny has the same body as it does in the concept art, I WANT! I hope it can be bought on its own.

      *waiting for more pictures*
    7. I wants me a red queen!! xD but my husband will say NO! :(
    8. haha I'm in the same boat as you acanthiel! I've been ITCHING just ITCHINNGGGGG to get a spiritdoll but I needed one perfect for my character! Stayne looks like the winner *U* <333333333

      Homan, Dark/moonless from the last round had really beautiful and well made outfits too, so I hope that this round will be no different!
    9. The funny thing is, he looks much more like one of my friend's chracters than any of mine...so if the finished sculpt looks close to the drawing, my friend may end up getting him instead of Camphor for that character! xD My first thought upon seeing the drawing was actually how much it looked like my friend's character...though he is red-haired. *heh*

      I don't know yet who he will be if/when I get him, but once I see the actual doll sculpt I am sure I will be able to figure out one of mine that he suits...and if not, I can make one to suit him. *giggles*

      ETA: I am hoping he will not be available exclusively in gray resin, because if he is, that will probably be a deal killer. >< While gray is gorgeous (I have one gray-resin boy already, and a lilac-resin girl on the way) it just wouldn't work at all for anyone that this sculpt could possibly be. ><
    10. Stayne looks absolutely gorgeous :) I also fell for him as I saw those conceptual art pictures... If he will look as mature and as good as in those artpics, my wallet is definitely not safe, even thought I told myself one doll is enough for me XD
      And the strange thing is, that he reminds me K from Moi dix Mois, who always impressed me :) Can't wait to see the actual doll !!!
    11. I really like the Red Queen, and her outfit, and Stayne is nice to. I'm also hoping the dolls capture the concept art well.
    12. Rouge looks awesome! And this outfit....
      I hope she's going to look awful on the promo pictures >.< I just don't have the money to get her....
    13. The red queen is about to change my mind for saving money for a male body...
      waiting to see more pic >.<
    14. Stayne reminds me with Crow ^^
      The character designs seems very promising, I hope the real dolls would be same!
    15. I want Stayne & I want that bunny! Money's tight so I doubt I'll get either one of them. Can't wait to see the real dolls when they turn up.
    16. Why do they do that?! I'm crying!!! The drawings looks sooooo damn hot! I hope the dolls will look awful!!! I can't affort any doll this year anymore... ;_;
      Why do I have no money?! ;_;

      I'm really curois how the dolls will look... and the rabbit <3
    17. Ahhh crap. They better not look as good as their concept art. Or I'm in trouble.

      Bowie wants Stayne for his boyfriend. Doesn't help that I just love spiritdoll that much. So like I said, they better not look as good as their concept art. Yay for layaway I guess XD
    18. hm.. want to see the actual doll ^^ always wanted a dark but I wasn't in the hobby when he came out. So lets hope this one is something.

      Come to think of it his armor reminds me of the Necromancer you could play in Diablo II. Thought he looked strangely familiar.
    19. I'm impressed by the red queen! She looks awesome! O__O
    20. There was a question in the news thread asking whether the rabbit was limited. From what I've read I don't think that is true since he/ she is part of the Xmas and New Year event. but after the event ends he probably won't be available. That's my take on the question. Please correct me if I've wrong.:)