Limited Items Spring BJD Seasonal Box Service, Order Period end soon

Feb 8, 2020

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      Hello everyone.

      There's less than 3 days left for the Ordering period of the Spring BJD Seasonal Box.

      Spring Box Theme: Under Cherry Blossom Dream
      Fantasy Being: Elves

      Three Main Box options:
      ***Full Dreams
      ***Mid Dreams
      ***Tiny Dreams

      Save Money if you commit to Full year Box
      ***Deep Dreams

      Please see website for more details

      Shipment Date is March 15th
      Spring Box order ends on February 10th


      If there's any questions, please feel free to message us on here or email [email protected]

      To Order, Please visit our website! Limited Boxes left! Be sure to act now. :)



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    2. Your boxes look lovely, but is there any way that you can give the measurements that you use for the various sizes? My 1/3 dolls, for example, have a huge range of measurements - they can't all wear each other's clothes!
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    3. Hi Celga! We will definitely put that up in the description! Such great suggestions. Thank you!

      We also accept some customer's requests for specific size. Though We will try our best when doing the clothing part. Everything else is a guestimate base on the measurement you give us.

      As you said. There's so many ranges. So each customer that order sort of have their profile of sort if they choose to request the more specific size. Like 1/6 can be TINY size/ Yos-SD... or nowadays. 1/6 could be somewhat barbie size. So we totally get it. :)

      Please be on a look out for the scale specific soon. However, all of our clothing design will try to be adjustable as much as possible. That way doll with different busts can be accommodated as well.
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