Sales Promotion Sprouty Doll - Halloween Event (15% off+$10 Eyes)

Oct 31, 2018

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      Sprouty Doll Halloween Event
      10/31/18 - 11/7/18
      Sprouty Doll

      Use coupon code "SPOOKY" during checkout to get 10% off everything (including Doll Preorders!) on top of the current $10 sale on eyes. International customers also get a free pair of eyes to offset the cost of shipping internationally.

      There's also a new series of eyes with a spooky theme. Check out the Occult Series!

      I am working on adding new clothes every week for Slim MSD and my 40cm line. If there's something you want in particular, let me know so I can add them or create an order just for you.

      Don't see the eyes you want? Let me know! I can make them, but the website might not have them listed yet.
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