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SQ-Lab Discussion Thread

Feb 27, 2012

    1. It seemed rather fitting to move them out of the Dollfie Dream Discussion Thread as they may be aesthetically the same, but they are not Volks!

      SQ-Lab's website
      Other then their growing collection of heads they also have created doll parts like YoSD and SD17 hands (they are cute), MDD Bust (Similar to Peach-Pai). They also sell resin eyes, plus a whole bunch of accessories!


      Starting off with this:
      I want someone to try this please! >.<; I would love to actually get back Hime and get myself a Misty, but I really don't like them on DD bodies. Even my Ren ( I no longer own ) couldn't use a big wig to distract from the too small of a head!
    2. *poke* to subscribe... :D Do the SQ Lab heads have small holes in the neck as well, like the DD heads?
    3. Indeed they do, but they slide off...literally! D: I had the unfortunate accident of having one take a dive, and proceeded to fling the head off! (Luckily it was on the bed so no damage!) I think one could easily mod it though.
    4. If the hole is big enough for a string to come through, then yeah. XD If not, then we have to mod it to have the + hole like regular resin heads.
    5. I think it'd need a bit more space in order to fit the loop of elastic, but I would need one to look at in hand to confirm that (which I currently have none.) Either way, it'd be something easy to fix.
    6. I hope someone has one to try on other bodies. If not I may just have to buy one, but......I only have guy bodies at the moment, which probably won't do us much good.:sweat
    7. I'm curious what bodies this head can fit. I luckily got the one I wanted but I still have to give her a faceup.
    8. I've been curious about these heads on resin bodies too! I love the heads! I did see one for sale- or in an arrival thread and the head cap is PLASTIC!!
    9. I don't think it's plastic. Maybe you mean soft vinyl?
    10. It actually seemed to made of resin. (Which counts as plastic : P) I had to use tape to keep it on.
    11. Err? No magnet? D:
    12. Yeah, neither of my heads had magnets. Unless they've changed that I will assume that that is still how it is.
    13. No, no magnet. And the resin of headcap has different surface than the face, more shiny.
      Probably different mold preparation, because the headcap isn't visible so the surface is not that important.
    14. Subscribing as I am trying to get resin bodies for my SQLab heads... I haven't been able to find a resin match though. The heads I have are normal skin but they are very orangey and not a match to Volks resin...
    15. They match to Volks DD vinyl and this Volks vinyl does not match to Volks resin itself... ^^"
      Imo the resins that match to DD should also be good for SQ.
      I have one Elfdoll head in normal "pink" resin and it's a quite good match to DD body.
    16. Oooh! I like the SQ Lab heads but finding info on them is hard!!

      I'll subscribe and join in the what body fits these heads~
    17. Subscribing to this thread too!

      I've been really wanting an SQ Labs head and have been curious if they would fit on a resin body. I really want to know what company (and skin tone) would be best suited for them.
    18. The quality might be a bit off for resin matching. I got the normal skin that's supposed to match volks but it's Quite pink in comparison. Hopefully he can be blushed to not look like he has rosacia. @_@
      He also came with a weird, mound inside the head. It made him quite difficult to get onto the MDD body, but he's in no danger of falling off, unlike the white skin head I got.
      Not sure why they're so different!
    19. But the ones I got don't even match Volks DD vinyl... :sweat I have a normal skin DD body and my normal skin SQLab heads don't match it... The difference isn't as bad as compared to Volks resin but the difference is still quite noticable. Mine are just so... orange. :| Maybe I got a weird batch.
    20. Yup rechecked my blank head which was still in plastic. No magnet just taped together and the resin headcap looks to be sealed inside with some form of thick shiny lacquer.