SQ-lab SG Discussion Thread # 2

Dec 24, 2012

    1. Hello everyone!

      I've separated the two different sized dolls in the SQ-lab Discussion thread, and created a new thread for each. As I was looking through I noticed that I needed to search to find information specific to each size, so this should make it a fair bit easier!

      Discuss away~! :)

      P.S: For reference, the original discussion thread is here.
    2. Thanks, Taralphiel =^-^= As much as I like both the SG and KSG sizes, this should definitely make things a little easier to search size specific information for these gorgeous girls. :candycane
    3. Soooo this one's for the bigger girls, right? Yay! *settles in*
    4. Yep, this is for the bigger girls. SG = School Girl and KSG = Ko School Girl. Though I remember it as 'Kid School Girl' to help me differentiate. :P
    5. Yes I do agree that it will be easier to find specific information for each size will be easier separating them into different threads . I have chosen to get a Moe with default face up in white skin ill order her during the next preorder^^
    6. Oo, you lucky thing, Yurikun. Moe is gorgeous! I think I love all of SQ Labs' toothy girls' the most, but it's hard not to find something lo love in all those gorgeous heads of theirs. Thank you for introducing me to their gorgeous girls! :D

      I would love to buy Ren right now but with 2 layaways in progress and I've already committed myself to being part of a local FL GO I'll hold off until they are all done rather than stretch things a little too thin over the Christmas / Summer break over here.
    7. Hi nice with a new tread :) yurikun Moe is really cute i hope you will soon get her. jencat yes it is smart to hold out, i am sure you will get a Ren in the future. i also agree that it is easy to love all the sq labs heads, i like their style.

      Here is a pic of my Iris Arcued :) she was from the first preorder
    8. CUTE!!!! What size clothes does she fit?
    9. Oh, shadow_catty, she's adoreable! Such a gorgeous girl! I love the wig you've chosen for her!

      Hehe...well I might be holding out for now but it didn't stop me asking for a total for pre-order Ren + parts yesterday, and received a response very quickly too, so brilliant communication from SQ! Now to plot (or dream) about how I can come up with the extra cash to buy her without damaging my summer holiday budget :P In reality, though, I think I'd be looking at about late February at least before I can think about ordering her, though. In the mean time I'm loving the spam. All these girls are just too cute :kitty1
    10. I agree with everyone, shadow_catty, she's lovely! I'm also curious about where you got that cute top! :)

      I'm glad you got a quick reply JenKat! That's consistent with my experience with SQ-lab. I hope you get together the funds soon!

      I'd get another girl, but I need to finish working on the girl I have :P
    11. Taralphiel, I look forward to seeing your girl when she's done =^-^= Mind you, being in Sydney, you understand all too well the fun of using Sealants in the humidity this time of year so I can understand if you're holding off doing anything at the moment.

      Incidentally, I asked SQ about layaway as I wasn't aware they offered layaway options and happily discovered they do with a minimum starter paymment of 20-50% Veeeeery tempting!
    12. Thank you! She's going to be a j-rock/visual kei fangirl. A real Tokyo-ite. I just have to find the right clothes, and get the faceup done. I did ponder doing it myself for a while, but I backed out. I don't think I have the precision. So I'm on a waiting list for a faceup, but it's going to be a fair while, sadly. At least that way I don't have to look at spraying in our humidity!

      Yay for layaway! I'm glad they're so accommodating! Another point for SQ's customer service. n.n
    13. Ooo, Taralphiel, now I'm definitely interested! Do you have a particular J-rock / Visual Kei style look in mind for her?

      I don't think I'd have the guts to try doing the face-up for my future Ren either as my style doesn't lend itself to the bold graphic lines of the anime / manga style look I'd like to keep my girl in (I can't draw a straight like to save my life, but I can sketch one perfectly and can paint one if I use very very tiny fine strokes that take forever to do so I'm not exacty a very speedy artist when it comes to line art).

      For my Ren, I think I'll style her a little after Neko from K (See http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DTLo6yEr5IM/UGuhPDUB4BI/AAAAAAAAUmw/Wb1CPW6U1j4/s1600/K_Keyart_400x566.jpg), complete with the pink hair, bells, bi-coloured eyes and a thing for woolly sweater dresses but I want to make her a little more of a Nekomimi girl, complete with ears and tail...plus for her eyes, use those gorgeous slitted EC series resin cats eyes SQ labs make...I'm thinking one EC-03 or 06 and one EC-08.
    14. I'll have to do a bit of digging around and find specific pictures that show her style. I'm thinking of tartan pants with rips, coffin creaper shoes, loose tee's with band logo's on them. But also lots of skirts with petticoats and fishnet stockings too. Darker colours mainly. Today I did a bit of shopping and picked out this wig for her. I really liked the bold colours, so I think it'd suit her! :)

      Yeah, I know what you mean about the faceup. I draw a lot, and I struggle to get crisp lines, I have a more sketchy style. So I know that the sort of precision of faceups in this style is beyond me!

      That's a really cute style for Ren! I think it'll look totally adorable! I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the SQ eyes. Bubbles and a lack of adhesion between the white base and the clear 'cap' over the top. I'm pondering getting a pair of Twin Snow when they have custom orders so I can specify a size, and until then making do with what I have.
    15. Hi she wears a hoodie from Crazykimochi on the marked place in msd size :) it is tight in her chest area. i think other loose types of MSD(not slim) clothes could work.
    16. @ Taralphiel, ooo...that sounds like it'd be fun! I'm wondering if there could be some good Obitsu 50cm clothes out there that could suit then as I'm assuming they'd be a pretty good fit.

      As for the For My Doll wig, I currently have 2 of the 1078 style, and they're gorgeous. I have a 7-8 in mild black and a 9-10 in sweet milk so I can recommend the style 100%! I've also had a longer 9-10" Cherry Wine and it's the most gorgeous colour! I'd have to say FMD wigs would have to be my favourites...followed closely by Luts & Leeke, but the later 2 companies are not as well made when it comes to prominent bangs like the FMD 1078 has.

    17. This thread is so quiet, time to poke it a bit! Here is my Kuroneko from our latest shoot. More shots are over in the gallery.

    18. Okay, I was tempted before I knew about layaway, but now it's even worse. Do they have any written information about it?
    19. MacaronTea, that's a great shot of Kuroneko there. Wow, it looks like the SQ girl's bods are wonderful posers, would that be right?

      Akatsuki, unfortunately no further information given other than that Layaway is accepted and that the starting deposit is 20-50% of the total. I didn't ask anthing further as I was afraid it would just be too tempting and I would rather fill my other dolly commitments right now than get myself into trouble with another Layaway. It is, however, almost too temping just knowing the option is out there. :kitty1
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    20. JenKat - She poses like a dream! I wish they would make a 60cm body that poses this good.