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Sseiren dolls - Rake type boys, 'Dean' and 'Van'

Mar 28, 2011

    1. http://sseiren.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20100824015236

      I thought i'd start a chat thread for Seeiren Rake boys. There's two so far 'Dean' and 'Van'. Dean has just come out and there's 10% off on him right now and free shipping.

      Van seems to be avliable in tan for an extra $58, but for some reason the option dosen't seem avliable for Dean.

      What do people think of them?

      I REALLY like Dean, especially in some of the photos on the wig sales page, I love open mouth dolls and his eye shape is also really unusual. I like the body as well, the stomach in paticular is really cute, but Deans head looks a little big for the body some how? Van I'm not as fond of, but I think he would look better without the company faceup.
    2. Wow. I really like the realism in their faces! I also like that they seem distinctly Asian in appearance, almost like minimees of J-Rockers. I see what you're saying about Dean's head looking a bit large. Hmmm, if I look at Van's picture where he's facing forward and compare it to the pic of Dean in a similar pose, the head doesn't seem that much bigger. It must be an optical illusion since the company says the heads are both 23.5cm around.

      They look pretty cool, though. O_O I'd be tempted to snag one if I hadn't promised myself my next doll would be a girl.
    3. I just discovered this company and their dolls are SO cute! I absolutely adore Dean!
    4. I can't believe they aren't more popular! I agree they look somewhat like the less realistic Minimees.

      I think Scar and Dean are my favorites. It's hard to choose between them, but I still prefer Dean.

      I mean, look at Dean in all those wigs! He looks gorgeous from every angle, and rocks every wig, but my favorite is http://sseiren.com/shop/step1.php?number=141 in pink! :D
    5. Yes I love Dean, he really does look like a handsome Jrocker. I plan to get Dean's head as soon as can, I'm just too poor. I do think they're heads are too big for the body though, with all of them, not just Dean (or maybe it's my personal taste) - or the necks are too thin at least. So my Dean would be going on a different body (eventually)
    6. I like Scar. Not too much of a fan but they have great wigs. Thanks for the link :)
    7. I agree. But I do hate the thought of hybridizing. It's so hard to find resin matches sometimes. I ask for resin comparisons in the picture request forum (of other dolls and things), but I rarely get an answer back.

      I wonder which companies he would match. I agree that Dean would make a gorgeous Jrocker. I'm tempted to get him for just that purpose.

    8. Is this topic for their big girl Gemma too..? I couldn't find any other topic for Sseiren in the Large Dolls section..!
      I sent them an email because I love her body, but it's sold out, and this was their reply: