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SSEIREN - Special event for a 1 year anniversaty.

Oct 4, 2011

    1. Special event for a 1 year anniversaty.

      1. Launching a new type, 'Ideal lover' event.
      Buy one and get one for free. (only Ideal lover)
      Nomal body + Mermaid body (You can choose head types. Makeup is extra.)

      Commemorative event for participation in the L-doll festival.

      1. When buying a exhibit doll, Make up fee is free.(Excluding mermaid body) & a free gift
      2. When you order dolls at the festival place, there will be no shipping charge. & free default makeup (Excluding mermaid body)

      A chance like this will never com again.;)

      Date : 2011. 10. 8~ 10. 18