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Ssin boy- Yarn

Aug 8, 2006

    1. I'm a little confused as to what you mean by "offputting" . . . $330 for an MSD-sized doll with a face-up and eyes seems pretty reasonable to me. The clothing is similar in price to companies like Cheerydoll. I may have misunderstood your comment, so I'm curious what you're referring to.

      I have a SSIN Hoantaru and she's lovely quality -- I'm always surprised that there aren't more SSIN dolls on this forum, to tell you the truth!

      -- Andi :>
    2. your Hoantaru is really cute ^-^

      $330 seemed like alot to me, especially when I only know two people who ever bought the dolls, if that makes sense...everything I say is coming out ruder than I mean..

      the dolls are cute but they need better pics for sure! and body pics on the site...and they need to update the site more...I wonder if it's a small company and understaffed

      (I kinda want a J boy)
    3. I'd be happy to show you some pics of the 43cm girl body, if that'd be helpful :>

      DOD minis are $329-349 (depending on which one) *without* face-ups, for comparison -- a face-up is an additional $40. So it's a pretty reasonable price once you factor in the face-up.

      Some companies use professional photographers and some don't . . . I will say that I like Veronica better in person than in her preview pictures, and she's very photogenic now that she's home.

      I'd love to see a J boy -- if you do get one, be sure to post some body photos so that people here on DoA can see them, too! (You might e-mail them to ask about body photos, btw -- the worst thing they could say is no.)

      Good luck!

      -- A <3
    4. oh, there are much better pics on the korean page I just discovered!


      (and much lower prices..I would prob use a shopping service if buying a doll from Ssin....hee...)
    5. I woulnd't mind seeing SSin doll pics. it might just be the make-up that makes me think the lips look odd
    6. I know two people who love Rozen Maiden that would love the Suigintou and Suisei Seki dolls found on the korean site. Can anyone explain to me why I only see those on that site? ;-;
    7. it happens with alot of korean doll sites, you always find more on the korean site. maybe they don't feel like sending those particular items abroad for whatever reason...or maybe they jsut don't feel they are suitable for the international market.

      it's mostly 1/6 dolls and their paraphenalia that only show up on korean domestic sites and not the international site...(eg Blythe on Happydoll.com, Hanbok doll on dollmore.com etc.) could be they think we are not interested.

      anyway, there's no harm in e-mailing them! hope you can get them
    8. Here you go! I actually thought the default lips were very nice (similar in shape to Notdoll/AngelRegion Angelica -- I actually bought an Angelica to be Veronica's sister), but I had her face-up redone by Kallisti because I wanted more of a spooky-little-girl look :>







      Hope we're not getting too off-topic . . . *sweatdrop*

      But, yes, I think that SSIN dolls are very cool and underrepresented on DoA!

      -- Andi :>
    9. oh, I like how she looks with the new face-up. ^_^
    10. About the cosplay dolls on the site, they don't seem to be selling the dolls complete like that. They're just made up like that for that photo because they're selling the outfit. Two of the outfits are on the english site under the smaller size. If you were looking in the doll section that might also be why they wern't found. *shrugs*
    11. How would you rate the poseability of these dolls? They're kinda cute.
    12. I think they're REALLY cute. And I've never even heard of this company before. Are they just new, or is it hard to order from them or something? I wonder why there wouldn't be more of them, too o_O
    13. They are cute aren't they?
      They aren't new. I reckon it is pretty hard to order from them, judging by the fact they don't answer their english board! But I'm sure it would be easier with a Korean shopping service.
    14. Also wondering about this~ and if their bodies are comparable to volks MSD, or if they're slimmer.

      Your girl is very cute, Ashbet!! :D