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SSIN dolls - Phillip

Jan 5, 2006

    1. Does anybody have one of these dolls? Or, does anybody have a doll from SSIN? I'm wondering how they are compared to other BJDs. His discription says that he is..."very slim, and it has more muscles on its arms" and I'm wondering how different he is.

      I can't find anything else on him anywhere, so please help?
    2. *smiles* No prob!

      SSIN dolls are pretty uncommon on here, although it seems like a bit more interest is growing now that people are hearing about them . . . I don't think anyone has one of the boy dolls, but I have Veronica (SSIN Hoantaru) and I'm happy to answer questions if you think that might help :)

      Good luck!

      -- Andi <3
    3. Hi, You posted that you have an SSIN doll. I have a few questions that their website doesn't answer (at least I couldn't find anything). I am interested in hoantaru girl(42cm) but couldn't find out the following:

      Do these dolls come with a face up included in the price?

      Is shipping included in the price and if not, what do they charge to ship to the USA?

      Do they accept paypal?

      I would write them directly but I am concerned about language barriers and misunderstandings.

      Thanks for any help in advance!
    4. From what I know:

      Faceup is included in the price.
      Shipping isn't included, but I think the shipping to the States would be around $40-$50.
      And, yes, they accept Paypal.

      They're really nice to deal with though I've only ever bought clothes from them.
      Phillip is a dream of mine though. :)
    5. Faceup (and a random wig, IIRC) is included in the price. Shipping is not included.

      I do love my Hoantaru!!

      -- A :D
    6. Thanks for being so helpful. I have a question, though:

      Did you order your doll through the website, or did you use a shopping service of some sort? I'm a little nervous about the language barrier, as sinrama said.
    7. I got my girl from a DoA member, but I've heard about people ordering from SSIN and not having any problems . . . I think there's a group order going on right now (or it just closed) -- you might try talking to the organizer about their experience. They do take PayPal now, which is a plus!

      -- Andi :)
    8. I ordered directly from them and there were no problems whatsoever. It was completely pleasant and I can't wait to buy more things from them. :)
    9. Thanks so much for your help, everyone. :o) When I've got my money ready, I'll have to go and buy him.
    10. glimmergirl : oooh, i'm so looking forward to see you get him! I'd get him too, but the thing that's keeping me back is that, he might make my little boy Jade a little less special. After all, I'm interested in him because he looks like an SD version of AR Little Fair (43cm) Jade

      So I really want to see some owner pics of Phillip first to see if he's really worth the risk.