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Ssin tiny Umgi

Jul 21, 2008

    1. These little cuties are 10.8 cm tall and are called Umgi. There is a boy and girl version and both can be found here:

      I noticed that on the Korean site there is an Umgi 2 which is a different head mold but on the same bodies as the originals it would seem. They do not appear on the English site that I have been able to find but you can view them here:

      Anyone have one of these little sweeties? I'm dying to see some user photos:D I'm also quite curious about the Umgi 2.
    2. I don't even know what they are? Do you have a link?
    3. Oh, yes of course^^ Their English site is not accessible now but this will link you to the Korean one:
      When you mouse over where it says "Doll" under categories on the left, you can choose "Small-29cm Doll" and thats where all the teenie tinies liveXD
    4. I was looking at them and wondering if they were tinies since they are in the Small 29cm doll section, too... They are so lovely^^ Its really too bad the English site doesn't work. Though it sounds like they weren't able to keep up with it. Maybe thats why they never answered your emails..
    5. It's too bad these guys aren't as rampant around here^^;
    6. they never were ...which is sad ...I sold my girl but still have my tiny boy ...I have been so swamped with work I havent taken pictures yet

      they have the most amazing body ...dreadful face-ups ..but nothing that cant be fixed
      I dont know anyone else who has one ...I think there is a girl floating around on DOA ..But cant rememeber who

      I used Sienna to order my tiny ...when they didnt have a English site ...and then the English site

      both times they came very very fast like sent out the next day
    7. I accessed the English site just a bit ago, but no 29cm product.
    8. Oh, no worries, TinyBear! I didn't mean to put any pressure on you or make you feel guilty>.< I was just hoping to see if anyone else here had one I could stare at for a while and try to decide if I want to adopt one^^ I think they have a lot more going for them than those pictures on the website claim:3
      I'm so glad you could get onto the English site, Sjlou I just got it work now myselfXD Thank you for letting me know it was operating:D I actually found the littles in the 10.8 cm sectionXD Makes more sense^^ For some reason they have them in the 29 cm section on the Korean site o.o
    9. Giving this a shove as I'm hoping to adopt the Umgi Boy:D Anyone have a few close ups of their Umgi tiny's little face?:aheartbea
    10. I had an Umgi girl but sold her--the face wasn't great, I liked the body a lot. Is this company still in business?? The links above are old, I think.
    11. I think they are, seems they've even made a new Umgi, the Umgi 2. I checked the sites and they seem to work so looks like they're still in business:) I love that little face! I'm considering one now, I'm gonna see if my boyfriend will help me adopt Umgi for christmas:D