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SSWLust Now for 43cm Girls

Mar 17, 2007

    1. Just a heads up ~ SSWLust has released new additions to it's 43cm separates line. Pieces to fit Narae, Unoa, MNF & Limhwa are available now, on softlyshewalks.net


      Click the image to take a look :)

      As a special November Event, SSW is offering 10% off ALL items, for 5 days only. The sale is in effect from now until November 25th

      And, as usual, shipping is FREE on all orders over $50.

      Thanks for looking ~ I hope you enjoy your visit!
    2. At what time will the lust line be available?
    3. I tried to go look at the items available and was told that I need a username and password. Are we supposed to register and sign in to view them? And if so where/how does one register?
    4. Lust is available now at softlyshewalks.net!
    5. I hope its okay to ask questions in a news thread - I didnt see anything on your site about this - does the free shipping include International orders?
      As the standard International shipping is $10 i wont complain paying that much but a bit of money saved is always good - means i can buy more. :D
    6. Hi Endorwitch~

      This shipping special applies to International orders as well as domestic :)
      Hope that helps!

    7. I am curious, would the dresses and outfits fit for a VOLKS Dollfie Dream which has a body shape similar to an Obitsu?
    8. Bumping for updates ~ 60cm Boy's Line Debuts April 20th!
    9. Updates~ The boys line is now open and available for order!
    10. Bumping for new designs!
    11. Bumping for LUST updates :)
    12. LUST for 43cm girls!